Don't miss the no-pitch call tonight at 8:00pm EST and more to come...

By Josh Cantwell:

Information about the call tonight on Center of Influence Marketing and I answer some of your questions below.

Wanted to answer some questions and let you guys know about what's happening over the next week or so. I scheduled a call tonight, April 1st, at 8pm EST specifically on Center of Influence Marketing and the REFERRAL RENAISSANCE for short sale investors. THIS IS A NO-PITCH CALL. NOBODY IS SELLING ANYTHING.

If you heard the story about Michelle and Dale who will be on the call with me tomorrow you're probably as amazed as i am.

They are students who implemented the short sale seminar marketing program we taught them and are overwhelmed right now with short sale leads and opportunities. You'll hear more from them on tonight's call on exactly how they did it. It's good stuff you 'll want to implement into your own business right away. MATT - i will be answering your question tonight about the CE credits.

Answers to your questions:

MIKE - the best way to deal with the banks is 1st to submit a COMPLETE short sale package so they do not have to ask for additional info. An INCOMPLETE short sale package is the best way to get your file thrown out or on the bottom of the pile. 2nd, make sure the file is assigned as quickly as possible to a negotiator. All the others are just gate keepers. Once you have the file assigned make sure you get the negotiators email, phone and fax AND the email and phone of their supervisor!

SUZANNE - The #1 best referral sources right now are real estate agents. #2 is mortgage brokers and #3 is bird dogs and other investors. MOST real estate agents have no idea how to negotiate a short sale effectively. So networking with agents who have overleveraged listings are great. They need someone to make an offer and that's what you bring to the table. They want to stop the foreclosure for the homeowner and they want to get their commission for their efforts. You can also structure multiple exit strategies that can benefit the agent, the seller, the buyer and yourself. WE'RE GOING TO TEACH YOU THE RIGHT WAY TO DO IT.

KARL - I own a brokerage myself and our broker has 35 years experience. I know all about "OLDCARS" and how to make sure the agent and the investor follow the rules.

In addition to the call tuesday you'll be getting another FREE REPORT IN A WEEK OR SO. THIS ONE YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS. The more advanced stuff is on the way- just keep a look out in your email box.

After the call tuesday night meet me back here and I'll post a review of the call and answer more questions.

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