Dovetail Continued……Call 2 Thursday

I’m crushing it so far today and I want to keep my momentum so I need to keep this short and sweet. I already worked out (chest and tri’s), had 3 department meetings with Britt, Angie and Mike and planned a family vaca to Disney.

Later today I have an REO/ rehab I’m lining up funding for, a couple Dovetail short sale closings I need updates on, I’m reviewing the financials on an apartment complex I looked at Friday and I have to pay my taxes.

Booyah!......except on the taxes…..Booooooo!

So couple quick things:

#1 - Mark your calendar.

This Thursday night the creators of “The Dovetail MethodTM” conclude their breakthrough training. You’ll see the “Dovetail” documents in detail, you’ll meet 6 current active “Dovetail” users LIVE and you’ll see actual deals closed from the small group of investors who use this system successful across the country.

So click the link below and register for Part 2 Thursday night at 9pm EST / 6pm PST:

#2 – Watch the Replay of Part 1

If you missed the webinars I did last week you can catch the recorded replay of it here.

I highly suggest you watch Part 1 before attending Part 2 on Thursday night so you are up to speed.

John and Jerry, the Dovetail creators, are looking for a small handful of investors to work with and train on the Dovetail method for Quick-turning short sales. They have insisted that the investors who use Dovetail be advanced, seasoned and must apply to be considered to use the strategy.

If you have done at least 10 short sales, you are a full time investor, you are coachable, you are not a pain in the a** and you are looking to take your business to the next level, you can apply for dovetail here……

Talk Soon,

Hope you had a great weekend and you are primed and pumped to have a great “Easter” week.


P.S. Quick Productivity Tip: Every Sunday take 15 minutes to “Post and Prioritize”. It’s pretty simple actually. Simply think through your week ahead. Post everything you need to do on a white pad. Then prioritize what’s most important. Finally, plan out your week by scheduling, focusing and taking action on the highest “Revenue Producing Activities”.

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