Five Traits of Success

What makes an investor successful? What makes an investor fail? Successful investors share several mindsets and habits and these are things that every investor needs… not only as they’re starting out, but at every stage in their investing business. Let’s take a look at the top five of these traits. 1. Be Willing to Fail…  Continue Reading

Lifecycle of Investors

  Building a successful real estate investing (REI) business is a marathon—not a sprint. You’d be hard pressed to find a real estate investor who became successful overnight. It takes days, weeks, months, and usually years of hard work to grow a business that brings you the financial freedom you’re hoping for. On the bright…  Continue Reading

Market Research and Making Offers

So you’re just starting out as a real estate investor. You’re ready to look at properties and make offers. But how do you find those properties? Let’s talk about what it takes to find properties—including strategies that save you money in the process. Market Research First, where exactly are you looking for these properties? Don’t…  Continue Reading

Rent to Own and Alternate Exit Strategies

In the world of real estate investing, making a quick and profitable sale of your property is the ultimate goal. But—more than likely—this picture-perfect ending isn’t always the reality of your situation. So, when you’re struggling to sell a property, what other options can you consider? If you don’t have any interest in keeping the…  Continue Reading

The Contractor Interview

Your contractor is a crucial member of your team—contractors can make or break a project. But it’s still your team, so there’s plenty you can do to make sure your contractor is helping you make money and finish on time. And it starts with hiring the right contractor to begin with. So how do you…  Continue Reading

Private Lending for Profit: Part 1

Insurance adjuster by day, real estate private lender by night (well, and weekends too). This describes Keith Baker’s professional life, in a nutshell. The Houston-based private lender also hosts The Private Lender Podcast. But he didn’t always have a career in real estate. As Keith explains to Josh in this podcast, his background is in…  Continue Reading

How to Get Your Direct Mail Paid For

Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways for those of us in real estate investing to score the best property deals. Even though it seems antiquated to send a postcard or letter through the mail, tons of research proves that this marketing technique is very impactful. In fact, direct mail marketing still…  Continue Reading

Structuring Creative Real Estate Deals to Boost Your Profits

When it comes to structuring creative real estate deals, Sean Flanagan is a verified pro. With more than 20 years of real estate investing experience in several competitive markets across the nation, he’s covered all the bases – from wholesaling to fix and flips, and everything in between. Sean is also an expert marketer who…  Continue Reading

From Firefighter to REI & Entrepreneur Coach: Colby Amerine’s Story – Part 2

As an experienced and renowned sales coach for real estate investors and entrepreneurs, Colby Amerine has worked with clients from all walks of life – and at various points in their business paths. Colby, a firefighter-turned-investor-turned-coach, has interacted with many real estate investors over the years. During that time, he began to notice patterns in…  Continue Reading