From Firefighter to REI & Entrepreneur Coach: Colby Amerine’s Story – Part 2

As an experienced and renowned sales coach for real estate investors and entrepreneurs, Colby Amerine has worked with clients from all walks of life – and at various points in their business paths. Colby, a firefighter-turned-investor-turned-coach, has interacted with many real estate investors over the years. During that time, he began to notice patterns in…  Continue Reading


7 Common Mistakes Wholesalers Make

Have you set any wholesaling goals for the year? All real estate investors (really, everyone actually) should have big goals. And once you have goals, you need to figure out the steps to meet those goals. But have you ever thought about what you should avoid doing in order to meet your goals? I want…  Continue Reading

From Firefighter to REI & Entrepreneur Coach: Colby Amerine’s Story

Colby Amerine’s professional path is anything but typical. As a firefighter and paramedic who was 10 years into his career when he experienced a serious physical injury, he never expected to be facing such a pivotal and life-changing decision. Knowing he needed to pursue a new path, Colby began to immerse himself in real estate…  Continue Reading

Top Tips for Becoming High-Performing Entrepreneur

Real estate investors are some of the most successful entrepreneurs around the world. In fact, 90% of millionaires have created at least a portion of their wealth through real estate investments. Talk about the entrepreneurial spirit! As the founder of multiple 8- and 9-figure businesses, Vinnie Fisher knows a thing or two about becoming a…  Continue Reading

Stress-Free Closings

Nothing strikes simultaneous dread and excitement into the heart of a real estate investor (or any home seller, really) than the words “closing day.” Closing on a property you’re selling is exciting, for sure, but it can also come with a lot of stress and uncertainty—especially if you aren’t prepared. So to help you out,…  Continue Reading

Finding a Lender for Your Commercial Real Estate Investments Just Got Easier

When it comes to real estate investing, commercial projects are an entirely different beast. But the good news is this: many residential real estate investors have made the successful leap to commercial investing – which can be a very profitable venture, if done correctly. Whether or not you’ve considered dabbling in commercial real estate investing,…  Continue Reading

How Video & Digital Marketing Can Make Your REI Profits Skyrocket

In this day and age, digital marketing has become an essential component of every successful company. As a real estate investor, you have the power to build a profitable business for yourself with the help of digital and video marketing. If you want the best results, it can be highly beneficial to consult an online…  Continue Reading

Mastering Multi-Family Property Investing

Investing in multi-family, value-add apartments is not for the faint of heart—but it can be an extremely profitable niche of this industry. Case in point: Real estate investor Jason Yarusi of New Jersey, who owns 400+ units, has had amazing success in the multi-family investing business. In this podcast, Jason shares how he first got…  Continue Reading

The Ins and Outs of Seller Financing & Lease Option Investing

John Jackson knows a thing or two about seller financing and lease option (rent to own) closings. After all, he’s done more than 600 of these types of deals. He’s even fondly known as the “Texas lease option guy” by real estate experts and homebuyers in his local market. So, why would a real estate…  Continue Reading