Plan Strategically as a Thought Leader

It is a daily battle to decide every day where the highest and best use of your time should be. Brand-new entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs both have to make choices that push back against the idea that they have to do it all, and they have to reject the idea that they’re the only one…  Continue Reading

Design Your Own American Dream with Multi-Family Investing

For those of you who want to get involved with real estate but you don’t have a network, then I want you to know that even someone starting from scratch can still make this work. Tenny Tolofari immigrated to the US from Nigeria about 10 years ago. Starting from scratch meant more than just starting…  Continue Reading

Purchase Distressed Commercial Properties

Buckingham lawyers David, Richard and Nate talked with me previously about PPP loans in the commercial real estate space, and how real estate investors can stabilize themselves through the state shutdowns. With their extensive experience in receiverships and bankruptcies, all three of them understand the potential trajectory of many businesses that are on the edge…  Continue Reading

Commercial Real Estate & PPP Loans

State shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and public health restrictions have thrown a massive monkey wrench in 2020’s economy. The government swooped in with a massive bailout, and it seemed for just a minute that if businesses could just hang on through the shutdowns, then we’d all make it through. Real estate and tax attorneys David, Nathan,…  Continue Reading

Make Mailbox Money with Raw Land

Maybe you’re just looking for a little extra cash, or you’re ready to retire your spouse, or you’ve failed at a whole host of other real estate strategies. The competition, after all, can be fierce in real estate. Mark Podolsky from The Land Geek teaches other investors how to find and flip vacant rural land…  Continue Reading

Buying Debt – Investing in Residential Mortgage Notes

After losing everything in 2000, Bob Fraser from Aspen Funds started looking around for a better real estate strategy. When he met his partner, who’d lost everything in 2008, they had enough experience to know that when they lost everything, it all returned to the hard money lender. That’s when their big idea hit them…  Continue Reading

Workforce Housing Recession Proof Cash Flow

There’s been a big focus by a lot of housing developers to go after the Gen Z market by building up studios or one-bedroom apartments. But real estate developer Scott Choppin took a look around and decided that that wasn’t the direction he wanted to take. Gen Z and Millennials are the largest demographic cohorts…  Continue Reading

Raise Private Money for Yourself

I want to give you some thoughts and reflections about what’s going to happen over the next couple of months and where I think the opportunity is going to show up. Currently, I have over 3,000 units of multifamily as a general partner, and I anticipate buying more as distressed properties start coming on the…  Continue Reading

Private Capital’s Huge Advantage in the Next Housing Recession

Over the next few months, you’re going to see a lot of misleading data. It might be from the mainstream media or from new investors who are nervous about the changing real estate market. Maybe somebody has PTSD from 2008 and they can only see another Great Recession around every corner. I’m going to set…  Continue Reading

How to Purchase Your First Multi Family

Jack Petrick and I have been good friends with each other ever since we met through our kids’ soccer team. I’ve been one of Jack’s primary private lenders on a number of his buildings, and we’ve purchased multi-family units together as well. Jack was a firefighter who did real estate on the side. Like many…  Continue Reading