Failing Forward: How to Rise From the Ashes of Defeat

Our favorite kind of success stories are the ones where the hero overcomes tremendous odds and triumphs in the end. Who doesn’t love the underdog? My friend Corey Peterson has that triumph-against-the-odds kind of story, and I think a lot of the lessons he’s learned are ones that are applicable to anyone looking to change…  Continue Reading

How to Find Your True North in Three Steps

There are so many people out there who think that they want a bigger life. They want more security, more freedom, and most of all, they want more money. But I’ve also seen so many entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level performers who reach bigger incomes, but who are still broke because they have broken…  Continue Reading

Successful Networks Start with Relationships

Whether you’re new to real estate or not, you know by now that you can’t run your business alone. You need partners, investors, brokers, management companies, and just plain old friends that understand your entrepreneurial journey. How do you transition into real estate if you don’t know anyone? Kenny Wolfe from Wolfe Investments and I…  Continue Reading

Make The Jump Into Multi-Family Investing

I started investing in 2004, back when Cleveland was already seeing a foreclosure crisis. I got a taste early on for figuring out how to buy short sales, so by the time the full weight of the 2008 recession rolled around, I was ready. And of course, like many of you, I started in single…  Continue Reading

The Balancing Act of Purpose, Money, and Family Time

At one of our live events recently, Kevin O’Leary was sharing about when he sold his first company. He’d worked 50, 60, maybe 70 hours a week with his partners for years to make his business profitable. When they finally sold their company, all of these high performers just looked around at each other wondering,…  Continue Reading

9 Traits of Elite Real Estate Investors

From his position as the CEO and founder of Collective Genius, Jason Medley has a unique view of hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs. And not just any entrepreneur, Jason’s mastermind works with some of the nation’s top performing real estate investors. I’ve personally done double digit million dollar deals with Jason, and many of the…  Continue Reading

How to Coach a Successful Business Team

When I was a senior in high school, I had the worst football coach. I mean, he had the reputation of just being a very strict disciplinarian because nobody connected with him or liked him. When I started up my last year, we had what they called success camp. This is where they had the…  Continue Reading

2 Questions That Can Shift The Core Energy of Your Life in Business

Building a business backwards I’ve known Trevor Mauch for over a decade, starting when he was in the online publishing business for real estate. He was hugely successful with that, but it came with a lot of stress over the uneven business cycle. One month he’d make a lot of money, and the next month…  Continue Reading

Relationships Are The Heart and Soul of Real Estate Investing

As I moved into multi-family deals, I discovered something amazing: the relationships that you’ve created and nurtured along your journey can literally supercharge your investing life. The meet-ups, the masterminds, and even just getting out and genuinely talking to people in your everyday life can help you find your next deal. With single residentials and…  Continue Reading

Build A Real Estate Life That Prioritizes Your Family

As real estate entrepreneurs, sometimes we love having our hands all over the business. Maybe we’re showing up at the site of a flip every day, doing the demo and buying the supplies, or maybe we’re connecting with investors, chasing leads, or doing a little marketing every day in the wholesaling business. And it’s great,…  Continue Reading