How I Made $55k without Investing Any of My Own Money [Case Study]

Can you flip a house without money of your own? Yes, you can. And if you do it right, you can make a huge profit out of it. My students and I do it over and over and over. You see, real estate investing does not have to be tough if you stick to a few…  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming Laziness and Procrastination [Infographic]

Having trouble getting started in your real estate investing business? Or even having trouble starting your day? Some times it’s tough to take that first leap.  Hell, some times it’s hard to just get off the couch. That’s why we set out to create the Ultimate Guide to help you overcome any obstacles that you…  Continue Reading

10 Big Mistakes that Kill Real Estate Deals [Video]

Don’t you wish someone could tell you all the mistakes you need to avoid before you actually make them? I recently sat down with my former coaching student, and now Head Coach of SREC, Kyle Garifo, to reflect on some of the mistakes and challenges that we faced investing in real estate and flipping investment…  Continue Reading

Strategic Real Estate Coach 10 Year Anniversary Podcast

This year, 2017, marks the 10 year anniversary of Strategic Real Estate Coach. I know, right!  I couldn’t believe it either. We’ve coached and mentored so many real estate investors and entrepreneurs and I have been through so much in my business and personal  life over the past 1o years, so we wanted to put it…  Continue Reading

4 Tips for Getting Bank Owned Investment Properties Cheap [Video]

You don’t always have to buy investment properties from banks, but when you do you want to get them for as cheap as possible, right? I know I do, and I know that when I first started out I didn’t have the easiest time getting properties from the bank at discounted prices. And then the…  Continue Reading

5 Ways to Fund Real Estate Investments

Understanding how to fund a deal is as crucial as finding it in the first place, and funding real estate investments continues to be a major challenge. It may be simply because investors are not aware of the numerous financing avenues that exist. There is a big misconception that you need a lot of money to…  Continue Reading

14 Ways to Find Contractors for Your Flips

It’s no secret that a good contractor is hard to find. It’s also no secret that the profitability of any rehab can be directly correlated to the contractor. So, hiring a dependable contractor is not only critical, but also essential to the success of any flip. Whether it’s a light rehab for a significant full…  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Investment Properties [Infographic]

Are you trying to figure out the best way to get deeply discounted investment properties, stuff like foreclosures, auctions or vacant properties, but don’t know where to start? We asked our coaches, students, clients and anybody who knew anything about getting killer deals and we put it all together in a super simple infographic. We present… The…  Continue Reading

Tax Free Wealth Building & Self-Directed IRA’s

My First Private Lender Once upon a time, I was an inexperienced real estate investor. The first private lender I ever got was my brother’s mother-in-law. I had no job, $15k in credit card debt and ZERO EXPERIENCE. The first note (non-IRA) I ever did was in Spring of 2004. It was a 5 year…  Continue Reading

The 12 Step Private Money Process

Many people have been asking me on our social media, blog and in our member sites how I can get all my deals funded with private money and NEVER use any of my own cash or credit. The first thing I tell them is that they must know what the investment alternatives are in today’s…  Continue Reading