Luxury Home Flipping

Most real estate investors who are looking to flip investment properties often deal with middle to lower-priced homes. The costs involved are typically more manageable and the likelihood of finding buyers is higher. It requires an in-depth and strategic understanding of the market so that investors can make profits from the transaction. Flipping a luxury…  Continue Reading

Direct Mail for Inherited and Probates Lists

The real estate market is so hot right now, and properties are selling quicker and more competitively across many different markets and cities. This is one of the best times for individuals who are new or experienced in real estate investing to scoop up properties at a discounted cost and to make a significant return…  Continue Reading

The Vision of an Entrepreneur with Kevin Harrington

  I had the awesome opportunity to speak with none other than Kevin Harrington, one of the original Shark Tank judges, inventor of the infomercial and the As Seen on TV pioneer. We talked about the awesome opportunities we both see in real estate investing, what he looks for when providing funding, and we talked…  Continue Reading

Real Estate Investing Strategies from the Experts

Want to learn investing strategies from one of today’s leading expert on the real estate market? Well you are in luck because I recently had an amazing conversation with the distinguished Dr. Peter Linneman, author and founder of Linneman Associates, a premier consulting and research firm, specializing in commercial real estate investment strategy. Dr. Linneman has…  Continue Reading

5 Traits of a Disclosure Document for Private Lenders [Best Practices]

There are many ways to get started in real estate investing and flipping properties with no money. Anyone can start doing wholesale deals with no money down. There are also several other strategies like owner financing, lease options and joint ventures that can be executed with no money out of pocket. Doing large flips, commercial…  Continue Reading

Forecasting the Real Estate Investing Market

Have you ever wished there was some kind of “Crystal Ball” inside your real estate investing toolbox that would allow you to peak into the current housing market to find out HOW it’s changing, and WHAT to do? Well, I got a special treat for you today. I conducted an eye-opening interview with Daren Blomquist….  Continue Reading

How Real Estate Investing Saved My Life

Quick story for you…. you know 15 years ago, before I got in to real estate investing, I was a financial planner.  I thought I was helping my clients achieve financial security…, was I wrong… What I really experienced was average Americans really struggling to save and make returns in the stock and mutual fund…  Continue Reading

How to Structure and Execute Your Real Estate Investing Business

It’s most people’s dream to have enough passive income from real estate investing to settle down, enjoy life and be free of the day to day grind. Real estate investing has been very rewarding for me. It can be lucrative for anyone who applies the training principles Strategic Real Estate Coach teaches. All you need…  Continue Reading

How to Acquire a 0% Interest Line of Credit for Your Real Estate Investments

Did you know: Right now, regular investors are getting 50K, 100K, even up to 250K… to build their real estate businesses with? I’m talking about legitimate, unsecured, 0% interest lines of BUSINESS credit YOU can use to close deals fast! This is a safe, practical, EASY way to acquire capital for your real estate deals……  Continue Reading

5 Phase Renovation Breakdown

Don’t know where to start with the renovation for your real estate investment property? Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing or you’re a seasoned vet, I know it helps me get started when I have everything broken down in to simple steps or phases. So I wanted to do the same…  Continue Reading