Easy Lifestyle Changes to Increase Your Energy & Improve Your Health

Did you know that roughly 40% of American adults are obese, and about 18% of American children also suffer from obesity?  Those numbers, from the CDC, are insane, if you really think about it.  The saddest part is that most of these people will suffer from related health conditions and diseases throughout their lives. And,…  Continue Reading

Don’t Be The Four-Car Pile Up On Your Own Highway To Success

The path to success is always lined with obstacles. You learn that much all too quickly in the real estate world, where unexpected setbacks and ever-growing competition add unnecessary complications to every move. Even when you get the deal of the year, you’re left wondering whether you’re doing enough, buying enough, to stand out against…  Continue Reading

How to Use Big Data and AI to Perfect Your REI Strategy and Increase Your Profits

“Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence.” Dave Waters, director and geoscience consultant of Paetoro Consulting UK Ltd Big data and artificial intelligence (AI) have become increasingly prominent in our society. As technology continues to become more sophisticated and complex, the successful use of big data and AI is becoming even more imperative for businesses…  Continue Reading

Venturing into Multi-Family Properties: How to Make the Switch

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to increase your cashflow, build equity for your future, and secure the personal and financial freedoms that traditional jobs don’t often allow.  For most real estate investors, single-family properties are the obvious starting point. And, for many, that may be the strategy that carries them…  Continue Reading

Do Big Things

Do you have the personal freedom to do big things?  That’s what real estate investing is all about. Rather than trading your time for money at a 9 to 5 job, you build your own business and create the personal freedom that gives you space to pursue your dreams.  Doing big things isn’t something you…  Continue Reading

More than Money: Why Finding Meaning & Fulfillment is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Tyler Brummett has achieved more professional success in his 20s than most people hope to achieve over the course of their entire career.  As the former Director of Mortgage Banking for Quicken Loans, Tyler was one of the youngest directors ever for a Fortune 500 company. Currently, Tyler works as the Vice-President of Business Development…  Continue Reading

Land More Deals by Controlling the Conversation

How do you handle objections as a real estate investor?  Let’s you’re on the phone with a motivated seller and they just keep bringing up concerns. What’s going to bring that seller to the table?  The key is to control the conversation. This doesn’t mean you come off as controlling. Instead, your goal is to…  Continue Reading

The One Secret to Building Long-Term Wealth

As a successful real estate investor, people often ask me what one thing made me successful. I always have two words for them: self-discipline.  It’s the secret sauce of successful investors. It’s not a flashy insider tip or a trick that will shortcut you to success. It’s a gritty daily grind. It’s a war. But…  Continue Reading

Ninja Leadership Tips for Every Investor

We all know a terrible boss. And we all hope we’ll never be that terrible boss. But as your real estate investing business grows, how do you avoid becoming the next Michael Scott? It’s not about dynamic speaking or motivating emails. It’s about your leadership philosophy and the foundation of your team building. If you…  Continue Reading

Sustainable Success: Define Your Investing Strategy & Achieve Financial Freedom

One of the best parts of being in this industry is hearing the success stories of people who made the transition from their former, traditional jobs to full-time real estate investing (REI). No two stories are alike, but they are all inspiring for those who are watching and waiting to make the leap to entrepreneurship…  Continue Reading