5 Proven Strategies for Finding Vacant Houses

There’s no doubt that vacant, abandoned and forgotten houses are the #1 way to find the best deals and make money in the real estate investing market today, especially in competitive markets. There are houses sitting vacant, ready for a new beginning, on every block you drive down. Thousands of real estate investors across the…  Continue Reading

How Teddy Slack Acquired Properties for ONLY $1 (Case study)

For years, Teddy Slack cleaned up environmental waste fora living. Then he found Strategic Real Estate Coach…and went on to acquire and flip 21 houses… since January! The crazy thing is, Teddy regularly makes 100K+ on EACH deal… And has a way to acquire houses for as low as $1 (NOT a typo). This could…  Continue Reading

Mark Carmona Reveals How He Flipped 17 Houses

Mark Carmona spent 27 years working in the non-profit sector. Then… he decided to get involved in real estate investing. Within 1.5 years of working with us here at Strategic Real Estate Coach Mark generated SEVENTEEN high-profit flips! In the latest edition of Strategic Real Estate Coach radio, we sat down with Mark… to dive into…  Continue Reading

Investing in Real Estate Tax Free Using IRA’s

I sat down with my friend Greg Herlean who exposes a LEGAL loophole for generating high profit real estate investing deals WITHOUT paying taxes on them. VERY few investors understand that this is possible, and that’s a huge shame because this one simple tweak allows you instantly add an extra 30-50% or MORE to your…  Continue Reading

Massive Passive Cash Flow from AIRBNB

By now everyone knows about AIRBNB, but is there a way that we as real estate investors can monetize it? Well, there is now. In the latest edition of Strategic Real Estate Coach Radio, I sat down with Brian Page, creator of the AIRBNB Formula, and interviewed him on his unique method and got him…  Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Selling Investment Properties

You’ve been working on your real estate investment property for months, so what do you do to get as many buyer in to your house as possible all at once so that you can sell to the one buyer that matters?  How do you get someone chomping at the bit to buy your flip? The…  Continue Reading

10 Steps to Peak Performance for Entrepreneurs

The real estate market is full of opportunities to buy and sell as well as make big gains. This is manifest in the way real estate investing has grown popular in the last 50 years. However, it being a common investment vehicle does not guarantee you any successes. You need to learn how to achieve…  Continue Reading

What Will You Do to Achieve Success? This is What Chrissy Did

If you are new to real estate investing, sometimes you fail before you even start. Most investors need someone to help them along the way, to make sure they avoid the pitfalls and huge mistakes that some investing start-ups don’t know about because they’ve never experienced it before. Meet Chrissy Morrison.  She just started seriously…  Continue Reading

Optimized Lifestyle Secrets

How does “Shark Tank” star and “Queen of Real Estate” Barbara Corcoran help run 32 different companies… …WHILE having the time to spend 4 hours per day practicing ballroom dancing? The answer: optimized lifestyle design. She shares her secrets in this special interview. I recently had the chance to sit down with Barbara, who’s actually…  Continue Reading

Top 5 Principles of Successful Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders on the planet did to get there, or what they do to stay on track and continue to be successful? 9 times out of 10, there are a few simple principles that those rock stars do to help them achieve their goals,…  Continue Reading