9 Traits of Elite Real Estate Investors

From his position as the CEO and founder of Collective Genius, Jason Medley has a unique view of hundreds and hundreds of entrepreneurs. And not just any entrepreneur, Jason’s mastermind works with some of the nation’s top performing real estate investors. I’ve personally done double digit million dollar deals with Jason, and many of the…  Continue Reading

How to Coach a Successful Business Team

When I was a senior in high school, I had the worst football coach. I mean, he had the reputation of just being a very strict disciplinarian because nobody connected with him or liked him. When I started up my last year, we had what they called success camp. This is where they had the…  Continue Reading

2 Questions That Can Shift The Core Energy of Your Life in Business

Building a business backwards I’ve known Trevor Mauch for over a decade, starting when he was in the online publishing business for real estate. He was hugely successful with that, but it came with a lot of stress over the uneven business cycle. One month he’d make a lot of money, and the next month…  Continue Reading

Relationships Are The Heart and Soul of Real Estate Investing

As I moved into multi-family deals, I discovered something amazing: the relationships that you’ve created and nurtured along your journey can literally supercharge your investing life. The meet-ups, the masterminds, and even just getting out and genuinely talking to people in your everyday life can help you find your next deal. With single residentials and…  Continue Reading

Build A Real Estate Life That Prioritizes Your Family

As real estate entrepreneurs, sometimes we love having our hands all over the business. Maybe we’re showing up at the site of a flip every day, doing the demo and buying the supplies, or maybe we’re connecting with investors, chasing leads, or doing a little marketing every day in the wholesaling business. And it’s great,…  Continue Reading

How to Build an Effective Real Estate Team

The efficiency of a Chipotle’s is amazing. You order, and your burrito is passed off from one employee to another, each one standing in their station ready to plop on some extra guac or hold the beans.  If you want to build a real estate team that can do over 700 properties a year, like…  Continue Reading

How to Scale Up Your REI With Tech

Do you feel confident that your new apartment complex is turning a profit? I mean, do you feel really confident? You can’t tell when you start moving into the black if you’re still piling receipts and bills into a folder and stuffing them into a filing cabinet. Google docs and Excel spreadsheets can only take…  Continue Reading

4 Key Strategies For Creating Cash Flow

When it comes to creating wealth and building cash flow, most people don’t have a clue. The vast majority of those who get into the real estate business (or any other asset market for that matter) don’t realize that they’re playing with fire and almost always get burned.  That’s why I was so excited to…  Continue Reading

The Bricks You Need To Build Your Real Estate Investment Business

Modern life means significant changes for many industries, and, while advancements are usually positive, they can also lead to job loss on a wide scale. It’s hardly surprising that, with everything up in the air, real estate is becoming an increasingly tempting option. This has, of course, always been a fantastic way to substantial earnings….  Continue Reading

Why You Should Never Stop Taking Risks In Business

Running a successful business is not as easy as some entrepreneurs might make it look; there is always going to be trial and error and risk taking. Becoming an entrepreneur, whether it’s in real estate or something else, is so exciting, but there is risk involved. However, if there is a risk, you are still…  Continue Reading