Strategies to Amplify Your Voice and Your Influence

Talk to More People in Less Time If you want to extend your influence and grow your business, you’ll have to stop with the one-on-one coffee meetings. You need to be able to reach more people on a larger stage. You’ll need to stretch outside of your comfort zone in order to leverage your influence,…  Continue Reading

Making the Move Into Multi-Family

Having a team in place is important for any real estate investor, but as you move into the bigger deals, you’ll need to beef up your team. My real estate attorney David Streeter from Demer and Marniella Law has seen some great deals end up falling apart because real estate investors who are trying to…  Continue Reading

Best Practices For Real Estate Syndication

First of all, you should take the security laws seriously. To stay on the right side of the law, there are some boxes you need to check off when you put together your real estate syndication. You can call it a joint venture. You can call it a profit sharing agreement. You can even just…  Continue Reading

Recruit, Hire, and Train Top Performers

Technology helps you build a company bigger and faster, but ultimately it’s people that make your company grow. CEOs need to think of themselves as the head talent recruiter whose goal is to build the best team for their company. They cannot abdicate this responsibility to HR because Human Resources doesn’t really know what you…  Continue Reading

The Pandemic’s Impact on Real Estate Prices

As states across the country start talking about opening up and going back to work, we can start assessing the damage done by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Q1 data shows that housing prices started off solid, but the market has definitely slowed down in the last few weeks as the shutdown has begun to impact…  Continue Reading

Courageous Leadership In a Time of Crisis

Many of you have reached out to me about how you can lead in this uncertain time when it feels like the news is a constant stream of negativity and doomsday advice. I’ve talked about and prepared for a recession in the housing market for a few years now, but some of you may not…  Continue Reading

Coach Kyle’s Game Plan For Success

For some perspective on real estate, I talked with Kyle Garifo recently. He’s our head coach here, and he’s been with me from the beginning, so he’s seen a lot of changes in my business. As a successful real estate coach himself, Kyle practices what he preaches to his students. He knows when to adjust…  Continue Reading

COVID-19’s Impact on Tenants, Landlords, and Small Businesses

I know a lot of you are investors like me. A large part of my portfolio is multi-family units, so I’m right there with you as we watch the impact of the Coronavirus on the economy. There are a lot of rumors floating around, and the news seems to change constantly. I talked with my…  Continue Reading

Designing Your Life: 3 Things That Fuel You Towards a Life of Success and Fulfillment

There’s not a single person in the world that doesn’t dream of a successful and fulfilled life. And, just like how it’s the same for everyone, we lose and win on the way to the life we dream of. Rod Khleif’s journey was no different. In fact, he had a shot at the life he…  Continue Reading

Failing Forward: How to Rise From the Ashes of Defeat

Our favorite kind of success stories are the ones where the hero overcomes tremendous odds and triumphs in the end. Who doesn’t love the underdog? My friend Corey Peterson has that triumph-against-the-odds kind of story, and I think a lot of the lessons he’s learned are ones that are applicable to anyone looking to change…  Continue Reading