Young Real Estate Investors Are Disrupting the Industry

Sometimes we get complacent and we need young guys to come in and disrupt our notions of how things have to be done. Steve Morris at Red Door Renovations has taken a fresh look at real estate because he didn’t know the way things were “supposed” to be done. And it’s proven to be highly…  Continue Reading

5 Signs of a Housing Market Crash

The question on everyone’s lips right now is, “Are we going to have another housing market crash?”. Rob Swanson is the CEO of Freedom Soft, which is one of the world’s best real estate automation tools. He’s been investing in real estate for 20 years, so he’s seen his fair share of changes in the…  Continue Reading

Invest Like a Millennial with Turnkeys

Can you imagine if you’d started your real estate investing life in college? Antoine Martel from Martel Turnkey was studying for finals and flipping rentals thousands of miles away. And in the last year, he’s added hundreds of single family homes and multi-family units to his portfolio. Recent college graduates may have just graduated with…  Continue Reading

Live Life On Your Terms with Lifestyle Investing

We see all the time that an entrepreneur doesn’t want a boss or a job. Instead, on their way to building their business, they end up becoming their own boss and their own job because they’re working so hard that they can’t stop and step away. They put the handcuffs on themselves, and they don’t…  Continue Reading

The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Investing in Value-Add Apartments

Real estate is the tool that can help you build the life you ultimately want. How big are your goals? Are they bigger than your fear? Many people come into real estate with a self-limiting belief about what you can do, but Sterling White is a success story that will destroy your fear-based excuses. Sterling…  Continue Reading

The Investing Mindset: How Fear, Risk, and Purpose Can Change Your Life

Frank McKinney doesn’t see himself as a real estate developer. He calls himself a developer of ocean artistry; he builds beautiful homes on the ocean for the world’s ultra-rich. And because his target audience is so small, he has to get the word out about his work. It’s not about ego or glorifying himself; it’s…  Continue Reading

Invest Your Business Profits in Passive Real Estate

At the end of every bowl game or football season, they always interview the coach. And they want to know, “How did you make your winning season happen?”. I love it when the coach says things like, “My players are the most important part of the team.” Because that coach knows that it’s all about…  Continue Reading

Market Trends and Predictions for 2020

Once a quarter I like to check in with Daren Blomquist, the vice president of Market Economics at about the state of the real estate market. Moving beyond gut feelings and internet chat boards, Daren uses hard data his company collects to show us where the market’s been so that we can better predict…  Continue Reading

5 Habits of Elite Investors

5 Habits of Elite Investors As a coach for new investors, Mike Hambright’s seen some amazing real estate investors. He runs the Investor Fuel mastermind which takes investors to the next level by challenging them to work smarter. Mike says that elite investors share 5 habits that set them apart from intermediate investors. Are you…  Continue Reading

Strategies to Amplify Your Voice and Your Influence

Talk to More People in Less Time If you want to extend your influence and grow your business, you’ll have to stop with the one-on-one coffee meetings. You need to be able to reach more people on a larger stage. You’ll need to stretch outside of your comfort zone in order to leverage your influence,…  Continue Reading