The One Secret to Building Long-Term Wealth

As a successful real estate investor, people often ask me what one thing made me successful. I always have two words for them: self-discipline.  It’s the secret sauce of successful investors. It’s not a flashy insider tip or a trick that will shortcut you to success. It’s a gritty daily grind. It’s a war. But…  Continue Reading

Ninja Leadership Tips for Every Investor

We all know a terrible boss. And we all hope we’ll never be that terrible boss. But as your real estate investing business grows, how do you avoid becoming the next Michael Scott? It’s not about dynamic speaking or motivating emails. It’s about your leadership philosophy and the foundation of your team building. If you…  Continue Reading

Sustainable Success: Define Your Investing Strategy & Achieve Financial Freedom

One of the best parts of being in this industry is hearing the success stories of people who made the transition from their former, traditional jobs to full-time real estate investing (REI). No two stories are alike, but they are all inspiring for those who are watching and waiting to make the leap to entrepreneurship…  Continue Reading

Five Mantras of Successful Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wish someone would just hand you the secret key to success?  As a real estate investor, I’ve met my fair share of successful entrepreneurs, and I’ve become one myself. One thing I’ve realized after years in this business is that there really is a key to success. But it’s not a secret…  Continue Reading

How to Fund Deals in Minutes

I recently did a deal with a buddy of mine. We were putting in an offer on a 164-unit apartment complex and needed to raise $1.1 million to close. I put the word out and in less than 60 minutes we had $2.55 million in pledges.  Just. Like. That. So how do you raise $2.55…  Continue Reading

Death By A Thousand Cuts: How Distractions Can Cost You And What You Can Do About It

Real estate investing can sometimes feel like a very elaborate balancing act. You’re working on marketing efforts, raising capital, finding new properties, and adding value to your existing properties – all at once.  But when it comes to your business strategy, your focus should be very narrow. In other words, you don’t want to spread…  Continue Reading

Your Apartment Deal A-Team

What’s the big deal with apartments? If you’re not convinced apartments are a smart move for a real estate investor, this example might just change your mind.  A buddy of mine recently did a massive apartment deal. He repositioned the apartments to improve the tenant base and drive up rent. Most of the repositioning was…  Continue Reading

Market Trends & Predictions: Where Are We Headed?

It seems like every day, multiple times a day, we’re bombarded with news about the real estate market.  “Rates are down!” “Inventory is up!” “Appreciation has slowed!” “Is another recession on the way?” So be daring, Josh

Entrepreneurial Motivation from Rock-Climbing Champ Hans Florine

Which thought is scarier: climbing nearly 3,000 feet up the side of a mountain or quitting your stable job to start your own business? If you answered, “climbing the mountain,” I’m 100% right there with you. If you answered, “starting a business,” we have some talking to do.  The fact is: neither of these scenarios…  Continue Reading

Your Legacy Your Way

You’ve been working hard every single day to build a legacy. But how can you be sure that legacy will be protected and handled the way you want it to be handled when it’s time to pass it on?The key is asset management. And that’s not just going to happen—it takes time and planning. Time…  Continue Reading