Investing on the Strength of Your Reputation

When a bank shuts down your $50 million credit line, what can you do?
Turn to the strength of your reputation.
Flipping Boston star Dave Seymour started raising capital and investing on his own when he realized that investors who controlled their own capital controlled their own destiny.

Family Focused Passive Real Estate Investing

Do you have to sacrifice your family life to build a business? Adam Adams’ path to 1400 cash-flowing multifamily units and 7 joint syndications says “No!”. See how he built a better team, a better business, and a better family life focusing on the life he wanted first.

Attracting Passive Capital for Bigger Deals

Are you ready to raise more money this year? 

Adam Adams, aka “Triple A” uses the same 3 pillars that I do to raise passive capital for multifamily syndications.
Read how Facebook, a podcast, and real estate seminars can create a reputation that can raise $2 million for an investor in only 72 hours.

How the Invisible Foreclosure Inventory Affects the 2021 Housing Market

At some point, the mortgages that are in default because of the pandemic will have to true up their past balances, or they’ll be foreclosed on. With banks setting aside $29 billion in preparation for these potential losses, there’s no getting around that the coming foreclosures are going to have a big impact on the housing market. Daren Blomquist from lays out what he’s seeing and his predictions for how the next two years might play out. Don’t miss my personal recommendation for how you can position yourself to ride this wave to higher ground.

Micro- and Macro-Level 2020 Housing Trends

Ignore the rumors, hunches, and gut feelings from media talking heads. Turn to real-world data with Daren Blomquist from for short-term and long-term trends in the housing market that can help guide your investment strategy for the next year.

7 Passive Investing Income Streams

Every income stream you add to your portfolio creates more financial security while reducing your exposure to risk. Some of the most common forms of income streams are earned income from a W-2 job, interest earned from bank accounts, residual income from royalties, or profit income from selling an asset like a boat, a car,…  Continue Reading

Outsmart the Market: Take Better Risks with Technology

Click on one news story about Gamestop, and suddenly every news story in your feed is about GME. The algorithm can change your perception of the world around you, and that can have real world consequences on your investment strategy. Lose less when you use technology to outsmart your own emotional decisions.

Value-Add Self-Storage Conversions

After being diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, AJ Osbourne realized that his income was tied completely to his ability to work. That was the moment when he decided to build passive income with self-storage units that could support his family no matter what his health was like.

Commercial Lease Options Made Easy

Wholesaling a house and wholesaling a commercial property isn’t that different from each other. Peter Conti, who literally wrote the book on commercial lease options, shares some personal advice for how to take the first steps into this lucrative real estate niche.

Million Dollar Real Estate System

If you’re hungry to leave the corporate world behind, but you’re still hesitating for whatever reason you’re making up in your head, Mike Simmons wants you to skip all of the mistakes he made. Get your mindset right and build yourself a million dollar real estate business this year using systems and massive action.