3 Steps to Stronger Investor Relationships

Real estate is about relationships, but those relationships are hard to build or maintain when so much of our lives have gone virtual in the last year. Where we used to meet for lunch or chat around a boardroom, we’re now opening up cameras for Zoom meetings. Covid-19 has really changed the way we interact…  Continue Reading

12 Powerful Strategies for Portfolio Managers

I own the Ohio Landlord Association with my good friend Jack Petrick, and after a fantastic meeting recently, I knew that I wanted to share my strategies for managing my multifamily buildings. Skip the mistakes I’ve made and apply these twelve tips to your properties today. #1 Whether you choose a daily or a weekly…  Continue Reading

Market Data on Multifamily & Covid-19

You have to be able to measure your success or you’re not going to be able to see what works and what’s broken in your business. Neal Bawa is known as the “mad scientist of multifamily” because he’s taken data science in real estate investing to the next level. He’s removed emotion from the buying…  Continue Reading

Scale Up for the 2021 Housing Market

When the market hits the bottom, it’s going to bounce off the bottom for two or three years.
That’s enough time for you to pull a real estate team together, scale up your business, and prepare to invest in the homes that are coming to the market in 2021.

Value-Add Apartments: The CapEx Process

It’s no secret that I love buying class B and class C apartments and upgrading them. My real estate strategy relies heavily on purchasing apartment buildings where I can add value to their purchase price by renovating and bringing them up to today’s standards. When it comes time to adjust the rents, tenants are happy…  Continue Reading

Plan Strategically as a Thought Leader

It is a daily battle to decide every day where the highest and best use of your time should be. Brand-new entrepreneurs and seasoned CEOs both have to make choices that push back against the idea that they have to do it all, and they have to reject the idea that they’re the only one…  Continue Reading

Design Your Own American Dream with Multi-Family Investing

For those of you who want to get involved with real estate but you don’t have a network, then I want you to know that even someone starting from scratch can still make this work. Tenny Tolofari immigrated to the US from Nigeria about 10 years ago. Starting from scratch meant more than just starting…  Continue Reading

Purchase Distressed Commercial Properties

Buckingham lawyers David, Richard and Nate talked with me previously about PPP loans in the commercial real estate space, and how real estate investors can stabilize themselves through the state shutdowns. With their extensive experience in receiverships and bankruptcies, all three of them understand the potential trajectory of many businesses that are on the edge…  Continue Reading

Commercial Real Estate & PPP Loans

State shutdowns, stay-at-home orders and public health restrictions have thrown a massive monkey wrench in 2020’s economy. The government swooped in with a massive bailout, and it seemed for just a minute that if businesses could just hang on through the shutdowns, then we’d all make it through. Real estate and tax attorneys David, Nathan,…  Continue Reading

Make Mailbox Money with Raw Land

Maybe you’re just looking for a little extra cash, or you’re ready to retire your spouse, or you’ve failed at a whole host of other real estate strategies. The competition, after all, can be fierce in real estate. Mark Podolsky from The Land Geek teaches other investors how to find and flip vacant rural land…  Continue Reading