Commercial Lease Options Made Easy

Wholesaling a house and wholesaling a commercial property isn’t that different from each other. Peter Conti, who literally wrote the book on commercial lease options, shares some personal advice for how to take the first steps into this lucrative real estate niche.

Million Dollar Real Estate System

If you’re hungry to leave the corporate world behind, but you’re still hesitating for whatever reason you’re making up in your head, Mike Simmons wants you to skip all of the mistakes he made. Get your mindset right and build yourself a million dollar real estate business this year using systems and massive action.

From Least Likely to Succeed to Mortgage Lending Mogul

I love hearing about how people overcome an adverse environment and rise above their circumstances with hard work. My father filed for bankruptcy when I was in fourth grade, and I was raised in a 1300 square foot house with a half-finished basement. Today I credit a lot of my success to my humble beginnings…  Continue Reading

Value-Add Manufactured Home Investing

Andrew Keel from Keel Team stumbled by accident onto the manufactured home niche. While looking for wholesaling leads, he found a willing seller with 2 mobile homes that he purchased for $2200 cash. Intending to wholesale them like he’d been doing, he posted the units on Craigslist and had over 25 interested buyers in 2…  Continue Reading

Warehouse Conversions to Self Storage Units

Scott Krone has been in real estate for over twenty-five years, and although he used to do commercial and residential properties of all kinds, he recently switched to focusing solely on converting warehouses to self-storage units. He was seeing a tremendous amount of volatility in the single-family area of real estate, and then on the…  Continue Reading

Long Term Wealth Without a 401K

Punching that 9 to 5 clock isn’t for everyone. Some of you have dreams that are bigger than your day job, and plugging away for 40 years isn’t going to get you to that point. In 2008, when Leslie Awasom saw his nurse co-workers lose half of their 401Ks in one stunning stock market drop,…  Continue Reading

Creative Financing & Wholesaling Lease Options

We knew even back before the start of the pandemic that a recession was coming. We’d been predicting that within 12-18 months, we were going to see a slow down in the economy, but of course we could never have predicted 35 million people would be unemployed or that everything would seem to happen all…  Continue Reading

3 Steps to Stronger Investor Relationships

Real estate is about relationships, but those relationships are hard to build or maintain when so much of our lives have gone virtual in the last year. Where we used to meet for lunch or chat around a boardroom, we’re now opening up cameras for Zoom meetings. Covid-19 has really changed the way we interact…  Continue Reading

12 Powerful Strategies for Portfolio Managers

I own the Ohio Landlord Association with my good friend Jack Petrick, and after a fantastic meeting recently, I knew that I wanted to share my strategies for managing my multifamily buildings. Skip the mistakes I’ve made and apply these twelve tips to your properties today. #1 Whether you choose a daily or a weekly…  Continue Reading

Market Data on Multifamily & Covid-19

You have to be able to measure your success or you’re not going to be able to see what works and what’s broken in your business. Neal Bawa is known as the “mad scientist of multifamily” because he’s taken data science in real estate investing to the next level. He’s removed emotion from the buying…  Continue Reading