The Ins and Outs of Seller Financing & Lease Option Investing

John Jackson knows a thing or two about seller financing and lease option (rent to own) closings. After all, he’s done more than 600 of these types of deals. He’s even fondly known as the “Texas lease option guy” by real estate experts and homebuyers in his local market. So, why would a real estate…  Continue Reading

Working with Bank Asset Managers to Find Pre-MLS Properties

Real estate investing is a competitive but highly profitable industry. To help you gain the competitive edge you need to score the best property deals in your area, you might consider working with an asset manager at your local bank. That’s exactly what Jason Luchessi does to find many of his deals. As a successful…  Continue Reading

How Part-Time Real Estate Investing Can Fit Your Goals & Lifestyle

Bigger isn’t always better – even in the world of real estate investing. For some of us, part-time investing strikes the perfect balance between earning extra income and maintaining a relatively low-stress lifestyle. In fact, part-time investing is exactly what Brad Crow set out to do about three years ago. Based in the Indianapolis area,…  Continue Reading

10 Advantages of Self-Directed IRAs

You probably already know all 10 advantages of self-directed IRAs. You’ve probably already set up your own self-directed IRA and use it to fund deals. But how many people in your circle of influence have set up a self-directed IRA in order to invest with you? Your family members, friends, colleagues and other contacts probably…  Continue Reading

2019 Ultimate Planning: Taking Your REI Biz to the Next Level

New Year’s resolutions… love ‘em or hate ‘em, they are pretty popular. The tricky thing with New Year’s resolutions is that many people don’t keep them—and that’s mainly because they don’t create quantifiable, detailed, written goals. When it comes to your real estate investing business, simply having a thought or a wish to succeed won’t…  Continue Reading

Wholesaling Success Story: 6 Months, 20+ Property Deals & a Half Million in Profit

Cheryl Sturt isn’t your typical real estate investor. She got into the business just a few years ago and has already seen a huge amount of success—thanks, only in part, to her hot pink bandit signs. But it’s not just Cheryl’s pink marketing pieces or even her feminine name (which stands out in a sea…  Continue Reading

From 1 Team Member to 100: A Successful REI Business Story

If Joe Greaves’ story teaches you anything, it should be this: it’s never too late to build a successful real estate investing business. Plus, with the right motivation, you can do it quickly. Not too long ago, Joe quit his job of 35+ years in commercial construction management to pursue real estate investing full-time—and he…  Continue Reading

Market Myths & Truths: Insight from REI Extraordinaire, Dr. Peter Linneman

One of the smartest things that real estate investors can do to stay on top of the industry, is educate themselves about the markets and economy. Fortunately, even if numbers aren’t your strength, Dr. Peter Linneman has a great deal of insight to offer. Peter has founded several real estate investing companies throughout his career,…  Continue Reading

Former “Shark Tank” Star Shares His Secrets for Entrepreneurial Success

When it comes to building successful businesses, Kevin Harrington knows a thing or two. As one of the original sharks on “Shark Tank,” Kevin has spent most of his career focusing on entrepreneurial enterprises. In fact, his businesses have done a combined $5 billion in worldwide sales—not too shabby. In this podcast, Kevin shares how…  Continue Reading

8 Hacks, Habits & Routines of Elite Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to learn the 8 traits of real estate titans? These traits of real estate titans aren’t necessarily going to be news to you. But the secret to titan status isn’t in knowing these 8 things. It’s in doing them. So without further ado, the 8 hacks that will bring you success. 1….  Continue Reading