Emotion Drive Behaivor: Use Them to Sell Successfully

There are six basic sentiments that motivate human behavior: fear, love, guilt, loss, pride, and gain. Center your focus on these when using the hot-button targeting strategy to successfully close a deal.

The three positive emotions love, pride, and gain are the ones humans yearn for. These are the hot buttons you are strategically targeting when describing how you will help them and how wonderfully freeing it will be to begin their new life once the weight of having to sell their house is off their shoulders.

The three negative emotions - fear, loss, and guilt - are what humans instinctively flee from. These painful emotions are the ones you should direct your agitation technique towards, if their hot button is founded by en emotionally painful event or occurrence. It sounds cruel, but this helps them get out of the “deer-in-headlights” state of mind and into a progressively decisive mind-set.

With the hot-button targeting method, you are helping people solve their emotionally driven problems by pushing them away from the negative fear, loss, and guilt, and pushing them towards the positive love, pride, and gain that they wish for. Understand this. Learn how to use it. Know how to show them that you’re goal is to help them reach their goals, which will help you build a solid client-investor relationship and supercharge your business successfullness.

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