Ensure A Successful Presentation

When you’re quite certain you’ve discovered their hot button (underlying emotional reason for selling), keep your focus on it. Target it ten, twenty, thirty times during your presentation to rouse it effectively.

Create a business relationship with them. You aren’t trying to date them or anything, but you do want to establish a relational repertoire. Taking a few minutes to have some small talk with them gets them to talk about themselves a bit, which does two things for you: helps you identify their hot button and breaks the ice, so they are more comfortable with you. Compliment them. Everyone likes to be complemented, but be sincere about it when you do. People can often sense insincerity when it comes to that sort of thing. Listen attentively during the little ice-breaking chat, and keep your comments and answers short when you’re doing the talking. You don’t want to bore them to death by listening to you go on about something completely insignificant to them.

Make an offer, promising them that you aren’t a wasting their time. You could say something along the lines of: “By the time we’re through, I will buy your house or I’ll help you find a better answer. Fair?”

When you’re seeing the house, don’t point out the defects. Statements indicating defects are often perceived as an attack and will make your prospect feel insulted. Questions are less aggressive, so ask instead of making a statement. For example instead of saying “There’s a leak,” ask “Have you had anyone take a look at this?”

The more you know about them, the better you can target their hot buttons. So, let them know that the better you understand them, the better you can assist them. Employment is a big hot button too. Ask them questions like where they work, whether they work, whether they stay at home, if work full time or work part time, and such. It is what they spend most of their days doing, after all.

Most importantly, just stay relaxed and focused. You don’t want to intimidate them by being too forceful. Explain all of the transaction costs in a way they will clearly understand, before stating your offer. Let them use a calculator and do the math themselves, so they know you’re not cheating them out of their money. This all will prove to them that you’re the reliable professional that you say you are and that you’re their top choice to seal the deal with.

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