Fannie Mae Avoids Q1 Bailout

Taxpayers are getting a little breather as Fannie Mae turned a profit at $3.1 billion, passing the $2.8 billion required Treasury payment. This is the first time since going into conservatorship in 2008 that the GSE hasn’t required a draw.

Fannie’s CFO, Susan McFarland, is anticipating continued strong performance results. "Our credit performance is headed in the right direction with significant improvement since 2009, and we expect that the reserves we have built to cover future credit losses on the pre-2009 legacy book of business have reached their peak." Fannie lowered their reserve for credit losses by $2.3 billion, and the rate of serious delinquencies continues to drop. As for new mortgages? Tighter restrictions such as a 763 FICO score and loan-to-value ratio of 70% ups the screening process.

Read the full article here.

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