Fantastic Phone Sales: Real Estate

Having a good script prepared means nothing if you don’t know how to use it. You have to sound natural to be effectively persuasive. This requires practice. A good method for practice, after you’ve comfortably memorized a script, is to drill mock conversations with a friend or colleague. You should record these and go over them on your own time to determine your weak spots and what you need a bit more practice with.

Be sure you won’t struggle with establishing the equity. You cannot afford to lose out on a great lead because you can’t determine the equity on a piece of property in less than a minute or two. If you struggle with math, just practice and always have a calculator. Soon you’ll be figuring equities in the blink of an eye.

Keep control of the conversation. Make sure you’re the one asking them the questions, not the other way around. Smiling and standing up have an immense positive effect on your self-confidence and on the tone mood of the conversation. So, do them. You’ll notice your improved power of persuasion. In addition, avoid the alternative choice close until you’ve gotten all three declines from the client.

Answer incoming calls. These are usually good leads replying to advertisements they have seen.  Avoid trying to sell on the phone, close deals, or judge a potential’s willingness to conduct business with you. Just find out if a caller is able to do business, and book appointments. That’s what the phones are for and there’s only so much you can determine through telephone conversation. Also, be willing to double-book appointments. You can always re-schedule the other, if one is going nicely.

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