Final Notice: Hawaii & A Harley Awaits You!

All this week I have been telling you about this Thursday’s Webinar – The Most Fun, Exciting, Party Down webinar of the year. How can we not have fun when we are talking about Freedom, Vacation, Harleys, 4 Wheelers, Toys, Watches and quitting your J.O.B. forever.

Register now for tonight’s webinar.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on this one.

Being a real estate entrepreneur is supposed to be fun. Time off. Working for yourself. No Boss. Mastering your business and your craft. Good times. Tonight is all about Business Mastery and Good Times.

Register Here.

In case you missed my other messages, here’s what I’ll be covering tonight.

  1. How YOU can win one of THREE HARLEY DAVIDSONS in the “B.L.D. Contest.”
  2. Exactly what the “B.L.D. Contest” is, and how you can participate.
  3. How you can automatically win a trip the Caribbean with my staff, My Master’s Elite Students, Jeff Watson and me this year.
  4. How the “Business Mastery Growth System” will virtually guarantee you winning some of these prizes.
  5. How my “Business Mastery” clients go from DEAD BROKE to doing 5 and 6 figures a month, quit their jobs and get FR’EE forever.
  6. Why simply the idea of “getting timely answers” from an expert can make or break your next $30,000 deal, and how to get “timely answers” every time from SREC.
  7. The Top 7 Challenges OTHER investors face, and why they will never succeed.
  8. Why most people never give themselves the PERMISSION TO SUCCEED, why their success mindset is all jacked up and how to fix it.
  9. How I’ve made millions with other people’s ideas thru mastermind, and why it’s the second most important piece of the success puzzle.
  10. “ACER” – Absolute Clarity of the End Result. I’ll personally take you through this “growth” exercise I typically reserve for my “Business Mastery” clients.
  11. How to build a winning strategy from the start so you have the confidence that you will succeed in the end.
  12. Why Tiger Woods needs a relationship coach. Huh?
  13. Why taking massive action and “doing it imperfectly” are the reasons people go from start up to millions in under one year.
  14. How to buy the car and house of your dreams in the next 26 weeks.  
  15. How “Business Mastery” has changed the lives of hundreds of real estate investors, and how it will change yours too.
  16. How to repeat the process of cashing $25,000 checks every month for the rest of your life.
  17. AND the 6 step success plan my “Business Mastery” Clients use to design their ideal Business and Lifestyle.
  18. And more……

So don’t wait. Register Here.

This is your FINAL NOTICE to sign up for this training. This is the ONLY time I will be offering the B.L.D. contest, the massive prizes including the Harleys, 4 wheelers, Sea Doos, HDTVs, Movado watches and the “Business Mastery” program this year.

Vroooom Vroooom, 


P.S.  This is a testimonial I received last month from a Business Mastery client. “In the 1st quarter 2010 we made over $391,000. You tell me if “Business Mastery was worth it?” J. Elliott – SW Fla.

Get the scoop on the B.L.D. contest. Register now

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