Final Notice: SIMS is Shutting Down

If you've been waiting… and thinking… and waiting…

Well, you've just about run out of time.

Tonight is your last chance to get in on SIMS 2.0 and the SIMS Marketing Partnership (SMP) program… and my INCREDIBLE bonus packages! Check them out here.

I just talked to Greg and he's shutting this thing down tonight.

You still have one last chance to get on a webinar with Greg if you still have questions about this program, but time is running out fast. It starts tonight at 8pm EDT.

Get on this webinar now.

Find out all the details of SIMS 2.0 and SMP before it shuts down for good. And once it's gone... well, it's gone.

The last time they shut down, SIMS was completely off the market for more than 11 months. So unless you're willing to wait until the middle of 2011 to start building your investing business with tons of leads... well, you need to act now.

Bottom line: they're ready to get the coaching program rolling so they've got to pull the plug on this thing.

Get more details here.

Greg's 4-payment plan is still available for SIMS 2.0 and the SMP program, but I doubt it's going to be available for much longer...

Don’t forget – when you purchase SIMS you’re going to get some unbelievable bonuses from me that will give you all the foundational information you need to ramp up your real estate investing bonus.

Get payment plan and bonus program details here.

If you're still on the fence about what SIMS 2.0 or SMP will do for you, here are just a few quick details:

SIMS 2.0:

*  8 Modules of online training and 10 weeks of coaching.

*  Interactive calls based on each module of training.

*  A highly customized technology platform - the most powerful software ever created.

*  2 tickets to their 4-day live training event, SIMSSTOCK 2.0 in San Diego.

*  Money getting websites to complete your SIMS 2.0 system.

Okay, now take all that and ADD to it everything below and you have their SIMS Marketing Partnership program:

*  A one-on-one Master SIMS certified consultant will work with you personally for 90 to 120 days to implement every step of the SIMS Marketing Partnership program.

*  Web Presence Fast Start to get your websites, blogs and squeeze pages up and running,  completely personalized for you.

*  Global Traffic Systems for top rankings in all major search engines.

*  The Local Branding Package to position yourself as the local area expert.

*  Sell Point Local Leader for first access to the hottest deals in the Sellpoint System.

*  Center of Influence Web Video Marketing System 10 long term list building videos,

*  SMP Social Media System,

*  A SIMS Certified VA or Training Program for your assistant,

*  Done For Your Webinar Marketing System!

Add this incredible program to by comprehensive bonus packages, and you’ll be unstoppable.

This is one of those programs that doesn't come around very often, so make sure you check it out right now... this is a chance to join the ranks of the most elite real estate investors in the world today.

You will end up with more money, time, freedom, PLUS a business that runs nearly on auto-pilot and generates money on demand.

Get it here.

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