Follow-Up for Perfect Sales

Once a transaction is agreed upon and pushed forth with all the necessary paperwork, stay in contact with them. Ask them if everything is going well. Keep in touch. So, they stay at ease knowing you’re on top of things and don’t regret closing the deal with you and not someone else. Most clients will agree to writing up a testimonial for you. So, ask them if they would like to do so. Also, it won’t hurt to ask if they’d like to be used as a referral. Make sure to get them to sign off on you being permitted to use their testimonial in the market, too.

If you didn’t close a deal, however: follow-up. Call or leave a message once a week for the first month after failing to settle a deal. During that same first month you can also send two handwritten letters. They are more personal and appreciated when the time is taken to handwrite them. Follow -ups can be the source of over thirty percent of your income. If nothing is agreed upon that first month, keep sending something in the mail once a month.

Show a personal connection when you’re following up. People don’t tend to do business with people they dislike. Show them that you remember them personally. Go to their place in person without an appointment or anything to show them an article or something else of significance that has a connection to them. Start targeting hot buttons again, reignite the idea of your offer. Always expect to close a deal.

At the end of it all if they still don’t agree to a deal with you, you can still ask them for a testimonial. It’s always a good idea to ask for a testimonial.  Just because they decided not to go through with your offer doesn’t mean they didn’t like you or didn’t recognize your professionalism. The more you have, they better you have it.

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