Forecasting the Real Estate Investing Market

Have you ever wished there was some kind of “Crystal Ball” inside your real estate investing toolbox that would allow you to peak into the current housing market to find out HOW it’s changing, and WHAT to do?

Well, I got a special treat for you today.

I conducted an eye-opening interview with Daren Blomquist.

In case you don’t know, Daren is the nation’s LEADING authority on housing trends.

He’s the “go-to guy” the media relies on for cutting-edge real estate forecasts, and anyone that is super serious about real estate investing uses that data to determine the best way to get massive deals on investment properties and how and where to sell houses fast.

In fact, CNN actually tried to get him to come on DURING our interview!

But Daren told them they had to wait, because our SREC Family comes first.

And I’m glad he did, because Daren dropped some VALUE BOMBS in this interview.

When you tune in, you’ll gain “CRYSTAL BALL CLARITY” into HOW the housing market is changing… WHERE it’s heading… and WHAT YOU can do to take FULL advantage!

In this interview, you’ll also find out the strange reason why ABC’s SHARK TANK has played a role in changing the housing market!


(No “theory” here. Every prediction and suggestion we make is derived from ROCK SOLID STATISTICAL PROOF on what’s ACTUALLY happening in today’s market!)

Daren is a regular contributor to our Flip and Fund Summit, the nations leading Real Estate Investing Training & Mastermind Event.  Tickets are about to go up, so if you act now you can get in at a huge discount.  Click right here or on the banner below if you want to supercharge your investing career.

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