Former Bank Insider Reveals Unnerving Market Trends

I have some very important information to share with you TOMORROW night.

You may or may not know Jerami King.  He was a former team lead for the loss mitigation department of a MAJOR bank. He has a unique perspective on short sales in today’s market, seeing them from both sides of the plate… first as a bank loss mitigator, and then from helping real estate investors and homeowners.

In the last two years alone, Jerami and his team have handled over 600 case files. (Both active and completed.) He’s come across some shocking trends and changes happening with major lenders on how they handle short sales. (Some good, some bad – you’ll see both.)

If you’re currently working with, or come across a deal from Bank Of America, Aurora, PNC, Chance, CitiBank, IndyMac/OneWest, AHSMI or any of the other major banks and lenders, you won’t want to miss this call. Jerami will be sharing which lenders play well with investors, which don’t and how to get around the red tape to get approvals quickly.

Register for Thursday’s webinar with Jerami King
TOMORROW NIGHT, August 26 at 8:30 pm Eastern


If you’re a new investor, this is will save you time, money and stress knowing whether or not to approach a deal and if it’s worth the effort.

And if you’re a seasoned pro, this call is a MUST because you’ll get detailed information on exactly what banks are looking for, what you can and can’t get accepted, what you can get in closing costs and concessions, BPO percentages… and other info you’ll only discover working with these lenders directly.

Be well aware this isn’t theory, but trends and statistic determined from hard data of over 600 cases in the last two years. On the call you’ll see proof, graphs, data and examples… and Jerami will make sense of it all for you, so you can use this information in your business right away.

Register for tomorrow’s webinar with Jerami King. This webinar will be all content, revealing very important information you need to know if you expect to do deals with major lenders.

Click here to register for Thursday’s webinar at 8:30 pm Eastern


Josh Cantwell

P.S. I’ve had Jerami present at every one of my events since 2008, and each time he’s left the crowd jaw-dropped. He reveals insider information on banks and lenders no one else knows. This call is a must:

Click here to register for tomorrow night’s webinar at 8:30 pm Eastern

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