Free One On One Short Sale Negotiation Training


I just finished up a morning bike ride to get in my daily exercise. My doctor said I’m having back spasms so I’m riding my bike instead of lifting weights.

Man does it feel good.

Anyway, I was thinking about you while I was riding and I have a question....

Do you negotiate your own short sales? OR do you have an employee, vendor or outsourcing company that does it?

Are they doing a good job? Could they be better? Faster? Get lower prices, bigger discounts and faster approvals?

Well if you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you have to get on Thursday night’s training call.

Register Here.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, mortgage broker, short sale investor, lawyer or do loan modifications, then boy, do I have something for you!

Join me on Thursday, Sept. 2 at 8:30pm Eastern to learn how you can get access to information that will COMPLETELY CHANGE how you negotiate your short sale deals.

You remember that last week I had a fantastic call with Jerami King who shared his inside knowledge on specific banks and their procedures to approve deals.

Jerami has a team of people he had to train, and I’m going to hook you up with “The Guy” who helped train all 20+ of Jerami’s employees, my good friend Dean Edelson. 

Let’s face it…no one likes negotiating short sales. What we like is the end result. The approval letter.

So what if you could EASILY:

*Slam past loss mitigation roadblocks.

*Know exactly what to say to 1st mortgages to trigger the BPO.

*Negotiate effectively with 2nd mortgages, 3rd mortgages, lien holders, even the IRS.

*Get your deals approved FASTER.

*Create bigger spreads.

*Cut response time in half.

*Close more deals for more profits.

Go here now to register for tomorrow’s webinar.

He’s doing something you’ve NEVER heard before on a webinar… and it’s the key to your negotiating success.  He’s going to play something on the call for you that will blow you away.


Did I mention he’s crazy? He is.  Because here’s his guarantee…

If you feel that your time on the call was wasted, he’ll give you your time back. Yep, you read that right. If you stick around for the entire call, but feel you weren’t impressed with what you heard, that you didn’t get any value out of the great content…

He’ll give you a FREE 15 minute one-on-one PERSONAL short sale consultation. No questions asked.

This crazy guarantee has people swarming to listen in, so hurry up and register now!



P.S. I told you he was nuts. Register for this insane webinar.

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