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  • 21 Simple And Powerful FREE ONLINE Methods That Find Killer Real Estate Investments without any money for marketing whatsoever.
  • 11 Simple Free OFFLINE Marketing Methods To Acquire Great Real Estate Cash Flow Deals
  • 6 Powerful Software Platforms That Pump Motivated Seller Leads Directly Into Your Inbox
  • 16 Simple Paid Offline Marketing Strategies That Push Motivated Leads To Your Inbox And Create Mass Brand Recognition And Mass Market Appeal for Your Business
  • 15 Must Use Free or Very Cheap Resources And Tools Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Automate Their Real Estate Business
  • Plus The Automated Offer Formula You Should Be Using To Bid Blind On Real Estate Properties Without Ever Seeing Them.

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What you will find in this book

If you aren’t sure exactly where to start in your real estate investment journey, this free guide is a great place to begin. It will lay out a plan and a guide for you to follow.

In this report, Josh gives you 55 simple ways that he and his team use regularly to find real estate investments. Four methods are covered including unpaid, paid, online and offline - and the many specific ways you can use each method. It also includes real case studies and Josh tells you exactly what methods he would use if he was starting from the beginning in his real estate career.

This guide book started out as a simple blog post, but as we kept discussing the different ways our team finds their investment properties, we realized it was much more than that. Then we thought, “Why keep this all to ourselves?” and decided to make it available to you at no cost. This is a great way to start exploring the different methods you can use to start finding and flipping properties.

“Hi Josh, I just read your 55 Ways report and I am quite impressed, as well as excited at the possibilities. I felt as if I had found a gold mine of information! Excellent selling tool, because I feel that if you are giving that many resources away for free, the rest of your programs must have some outstanding value.” – Fr. Charles Butler - Pacific, MO

But we're not going to stop there

Once you have your free report, you're going to make sure you have all the best information and methods when it comes to getting access to funds for you new investments and how to turn around and sell the properties you've flipped. You want to know how to find investment properties? Well we're also going to show you how to fund them AND how to flip them.

Do you think that maybe those last two pieces might be a little important with your real estate investments?

Flipping houses the way I do it is easier, quicker, much more profitable—and you can use it every time!

In fact, as soon as you tell me you’re in, I’ll take you by the hand and walk you through every step of this simple and easy to follow system for finding, funding, and flipping cash-generating investment properties.

  • How to cherry pick those properties with the greatest potential for profit…and avoid the crappy deals.
  • How to determine your exact risk on every deal…and alleviate any fears you have about buying a “bad” property.
  • Feel the confidence of a seasoned veteran when using an automated formula to write offers that avoid costly mistakes other investors make time after time.
  • Why you’ll never have to frame a stud wall, plaster drywall, paint a room, or do any other rehab on your properties…ever again!
  • How to boost profits even more by outsourcing the “busy” work to reputable contractors and vendors
  • How to keep your contractors running on time and under budget…on every house.
  • How to choose profitable rental properties that guarantee quick occupancy and cash in your account every single month.
  • How to find motivated sellers who are hungry to hand you the keys to their house.
  • Steal our magnetic ads...and attract a slew of buyers in record time.
  • Direct access to the same ‘investor pro’ contracts and agreements we use. Includes everything you need to close your deal…Plus, we even show you how easy it is to fill them out.
  • Get your business on complete Autopilot.
  • How to get all the funding you’ll ever need—every time—using NONE of your own cash and requiring NO money down.
  • Carte blanche access to unlimited funds for your deals.
  • Boost your profits by getting paid twice on every deal. Get cash in your pocket when you buy AND when you sell.
  • How to breeze through every property closing with the ease and confidence of a top producing agent…without ever needing a real estate license.
  • How to bypass arrogant bankers and hard money lenders forever…and never again beg for a conventional loan.
  • How to avoid spending your own cash or maxing out your credit cards on rehabs.
  • And much, much more!

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times…“It’s easy to make money in real estate.” And it’s true. But I’m going to tell you flat out—if you do it the way most people do—you’re going to be very disappointed.

I’ll show you a step-by-step, repeatable system you can use over and over, month-after month, flipping highly profitable investment properties right in your own neighborhood!

Doesn’t matter what your experience level is. Whether you’re new to real estate investing, or a seasoned veteran trying to pump life back into your business… Take a look now and see which training course is the right fit for you. If you want to learn more, just fill out the form and we'll make sure you know everythign we know.