Get Info on this Exclusive 'Freedom Funding' Strategy

4 Secret Steps to Financing! Get this Simple Solution from the Master of 5286 Deals And Consistent Month After Month Profits

These days, everywhere you look there are KILLER real estate deals with HEALTHY PROFITS – right in your own neighborhood!

They could easily pad your wallet – 30K, 40K, even $50k and more! Yet very few even try to take advantage of this unique market.

So...what's holding YOU BACK? I'm guessing the #1 THING tripping you up is FUNDING. Am I right?

Bankers and Hard Money Lenders seem like the only show in town...but getting money from them is somewhere between a serious HASSLE and downright IMPOSSIBLE. 20% or 30% down. Years of tax returns and a practically perfect credit score!

Oh yeah, did I mention all that money out of your pocket for any rehab or maintenance fixes? Of course that banker won't lend you ONE PENNY to spackle a nail hole! What BS! There are sweet deals with TERRIFIC profit margins...but the banks are just too BLIND to see the opportunities.

I want to show you another way...SIMPLER, EASIER AND QUICKER!


  • How to CLINCH funding for your fix n' flips in 4 EASY steps
  • How to get the EXACT BLUEPRINT on how to buy 2-4 houses per month
  • The 1 SECRET TRICK to getting that "golden" PROOF OF FUNDS letter
  • The Insider's "Deal Genie" so you'll know in 5 MINUTES if your deal is profitable
  • Get paid TWICE... get CASH UPFRONT PLUS again at the SALE!
  • How you'll NEVER have to SLING a HAMMER or do your own rehab work
  • How to cherry pick your deals EVERY time
  • How to CLOSE the deal in a moment's notice!
  • How to get access to funding for your investments rehab and maintenance fixes
  • How to avoid costly mistakes other investors make, using this automated offer formula to bid on properties.
  • Why we care ONLY about the Real Estate Asset...not your credit.
  • GENUINE student flips – with Gravy Train Profit Checks proof
  • How to grab juicy PROFITS on YOUR deals.
  • The EXACT BLUEPRINT PLAN used to bank hefty paydays in the past 34 months...using NO out of pocket cash OR credit.


"Bought the property on Tewksbury for $199,300. Sold for $350,000...for a TOTAL PROFIT of $94,409! You tell me if Josh's Coaching was worth it!" -- Kyle Garifo.

"Strategic Freedom Funding funded my last rental refinance. I needed to get cash out fast for repairs and to re-stock my savings account. Thanks for a Quick Closing." -- Jack Petrick.

Ready to Learn the "Freedom Funding" Strategy to Unlimited Deals?

My name is Josh Cantwell. I've been a full time real estate investor for over 17 years. On this training, I'm going to share with exact detail...the PROVEN formula my students, clients, and I use to find, fund, and flip LOTS of properties FAST and FURIOUS. In and out. No messing around.

Now, why should you listen to me? Well, that's a great question. There's plenty of so-called 'experts' and 'gurus' out there, so you never know who you can TRUST or who's even WORTH listening to. And you're totally right!

So with this Freedom Funding strategy training, I'm going "Commando" and offering TOTAL transparency. The Good, the Bad and the Hell No Deals!

I'm going to reveal to you REAL DEAL numbers and REAL DEAL profits...mine and my students.

So you can see exactly WHAT to Do and HOW to do it. No Gimmicks. No Tricks.

"Freedom Funding" is a program that I created 9 years ago out of sheer desperation and frustration (with the banks!) to help fund my own deals...and it works like a well-oiled machine!

It's been working like a charm for my platinum coaching clients for the past 3 years...

And for a limited time, I'm offering it to other investors...But ONLY to the most MOTIVATED and EAGER real estate entrepreneurs, like YOU!

Here's what you'll get with my EXCLUSIVE and PRIVATE training:

Coaching Class 1

foundations for property investment success


This is the Big Picture...the pilot's view from 40,000 miles up! I'm going to introduce you to your new BFF – my Freedom Funding Checklist! You're going to learn EXACTLY WHAT to do and HOW to do it each and every time – soup to nuts. The whole enchilada!

In Class 1, we will teach you:

  • The Freedom Funding Formula...your 'secret sauce' to success
  • Exactly what to do on each and every deal
  • How to raise capital from a ton of sources
  • Real Deal case studies...AND THE NUMBERS...that our partners are profiting from right now

Coaching Class 2

asset based lending for real estate

Asset Based Lending

Screw the banks. Banks are now lint on your sleeve. Irrelevant. A thing of the past. This is all about THE PROPERTY and its value. Freedom Funding cares ONLY about the house. Or the building. PERIOD! (That's refreshing, isn't it?)

In Class 2 we will teach you:

  • How to get "asset based" funding for all your deals...even if you have banged up credit, recent foreclosures, or bankruptcies (just try getting a bank loan for these types of properties!)
  • Simple Yet Powerful "Deal Genie" Deal-or-No Deal Coaching (you'll know in seconds if it's a play or pass deal)
  • The Simple "Asset Based" Application, Partnering, and Underwriting Process (banks take 45-90 days to do this...Freedom Funding does it in just hours!)
  • How to do a deal on your own...or how to easily partner with us. Whatever way works for you never have to let a deal slip through your fingers

Coaching Class 3


Freedom Funding Simple Guidelines

You're gonna love the ease and simplicity of how to access all the funding you want. And get'll learn how to wrap ALL your closing costs, fees, AND rehab costs into the loan! How sweet is that? You'll know how to partner with contractors and other investors who want to "pony up" a share of the capital. Everything 100% legal, strictly by the book, and brilliantly profitable!

In Class 3 we will teach you:

  • How to consistently get Freedom Funding to do your deals (it's easier than you think!)
  • How 'asset based' lending puts the nail in the 'bank loan' coffin
  • Exactly how to form 'equity partnerships'...and how EVERYONE profits
  • How To automate your business with 'Done For You' Funding (you'll never go back to the old ways)
  • The silky smooth way to turn on the 'deal faucet'
  • Got a lead on a capital source? Buy down your rate by introducing us


Coaching Class 4

find high quality investment properties

High Margin Deals: Eureka! Striking Gold in Your Own Backyard

You now know how to raise money and get your mitts on unlimited capital to fund your flips. Now it's time to open the floodgates to buying as many houses as you can handle. Generate boatloads of motivated seller leads with our "41 Ways" to catching lots of fish. So now the only question is...what do you want? Equity? Cashflow? Both? Life decisions can be tough sometimes.

In Class 4 we will teach you:

  • How to consistently acquire 2-4 equity-loaded houses a your own backyard
  • How to get sellers to beg you to take their house...NOW!
  • How to get sellers to say YES to your offer (this is one plum strategy! Don't miss this)
  • Why your competition is your new best friend...and how to get them to unload their hottest, most profitable deals to you
  • How to yank the "No Risk, No Fail" ripcord to opt out of ANY bad you're never stuck holding the bag (this is your 'ejection seat'...lifesaving, money-saving)

Coaching Class 5

find fund and flip real estate properties

Find-Fund-Flip Lucrative Deals All Day Long

Deals, deals, and more deals. Do what we show you, follow the steps, and you'll be drowning in deals. No joke. Because that's how all of our successful students and clients knock it out of the park. This class is all about creating a steady stream of properties right to your doorstep...2-4 houses a month and more. This is no biggie because you now have access to the FUNDING.

Where do these properties come from? Short sales, foreclosures, vacant homes, tired and exhausted landlords, sellers in distress, divorce, bankruptcy, probate, out of town owners, other investors...the list goes on. You're a kid in a candy store, cherry picking the best treats.

In Class 5 we will teach you:

  • Multiple ways to find the juiciest 'off market' distressed deals
  • Where to find deals NO ONE else knows about (not even experienced investors!)
  • How to hone in on AMAZING properties: short sales, foreclosures, defaults, probates, code violations, others ignore or that get lost in the shuffle
  • Real Deal, Real Time 'Freedom Funding' Flips case studies (wait'll you see'll be blown away)

Coaching Class 6

how to evaluate real estate deals

Deal Analysis, Offer Writing, and a Simple Conversation

The quick 'in and out unload' is what I like to call this coaching class. Because here's where you'll get the step by step blueprint on how to evaluate a deal in seconds, write the offer, and negotiate like a pro where the seller says "YES! Take my house!" The beauty of can do this over and over again.

In Class 6 we will teach you:

  • How to have a simple conversation with the seller so they feel comfortable GIVING you their house (time to remove the word 'negotiation' from the equation)
  • Why our iron clad contracts and easy-fill forms work like gangbusters with sellers...and you get the entire package!
  • How NOT to ever overpay for properties or lose a deal


Are you starting to get the picture of what Freedom Funding is all about? Excellent.

Here's the deal. Your success is our #1 Priority. It does NO ONE any, your family, me, my team...if you're not totally, completely thrilled with this training and coaching. So here's what I'm going to do...

I'll take 100% of the risk. Fair enough? So here's what to do:

Enroll in the Freedom Funding coaching. It's only 4 weeks. That's it. Attend all 6 core coaching sessions. Access the Freedom Funding library that contains all your contracts, documents, paperwork, audios, videos, content and bonus material. Take advantage of the 'Done For You' Private Funding and all the bonuses.

Go through all the coaching sessions. Implement what you learn so you can SEE results. And if, at the end of 4 weeks, you feel it's a load of crap... or that it's not for you...or if you're unhappy with the program, you're entitled to a full, no hassle refund.

To get your refund, if any time within 30 days after your purchase you're unhappy, just let us know why. Request the refund and you get it. Real simple.

Fair warning: This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Far from it. You have to put forth the effort. Like anything in life, there may be some growing pains, as there is any time when trying something NEW.

So expect that you'll be out of your comfort zone when you start. And if you're like ANY of our successful students, clients, and investors (all of whom started off learning the same system with NO DEALS), you'll welcome the challenge and even find it EXCITING.

Because bottom line, it's all about your ATTITUDE and OUTLOOK.

And once you start putting this coaching and what you learn into action...and getting access to Freedom Funding capital to fund your deals... it gets easier and easier.

Make sense?


Now, please know that if you do decide on a refund, you lose FULL privileges and access FOREVER to your...

  • Funding pre-approval letter (priceless)
  • The "Deal Genie" coaching
  • Freeland Lending's 'asset based' lending and partnering for all your deals...transactional, rehab repairs, rentals, and small commercial (NO bank offers this)

You may find yourself going back to trying to get traditional bank loans with their strict and near impossible qualifying guidelines. Any investor, myself included, will tell you doing things 'the bank's way' is pure poison... a dead end.

Why? Because it severely limits your ability to get started. It chokes your deal pipeline. It strangles your ability to grow your business. All this adds up to mere table scraps when it comes to profits.


You're gonna like this. Stick with me, cuz this is BIG.


  1. Enroll in the "Done For You" Freedom Funding System and 4 Week Freedom Funding Coaching Program.
  2. Do ONE DEAL using the "Done For You" Freedom Funding System and 4 Week Freedom Funding Coaching
  3. Get a FULL REFUND!!!

Let me repeat that...

Simply use my Done For You Freedom Funding System along with the 4 Week Freedom Funding Coaching Program. Buy just ONE property using our no money down Freedom Funding capital to fund your deal...

And I will give you a FULL REFUND at any time during your LIFETIME! GUARANTEED!

So ENROLL NOW in the Done For You Freedom Funding System and 4 Week Freedom Funding Coaching...and get carte blanche access to capital for all your deals!