Getting Referrals From Mortgage Brokers

Check out my newest training video on how to work with mortgage brokers for an endless source of highly qualified motivated sellers.

In this video you will discover:

1. How to piggyback on the dollars mortgage brokers are already spending on marketing. This is a great way to get highly qualified leads without spending any of your own money.

2. How to show mortgage brokers and loan offices to double, triple or quadruple their existing income just by working with you. (So they keep sending you the very best leads so you can close more deals.)

3. What mortgage brokers can do with their "dead leads" that will make you rich!

4. The "65 & alive" rule and why it's important.

5. Where to look and what to look for on popular online classified sites like craigslist to track down highly qualified potential lead sources.

6. The big book that's in everyone's home or business (and no one uses) to map out your plan of attack.

7. How to create your simple one page flyer to hit mortgage broker ìsweet spots.

8. Who to talk to in the mortgage office to get the "Golden Endorsement."

9. How to stay in touch with mortgage brokers on autopilot.

And much more...

Make sure you leave me your comment about the video and you'll have a chance to win a copy of my newest course, the "Short sale Referral Magnet" to learn more about Center of Influence Marketing to generate more leads without spending any money.

When you're done watching the video, make sure you read my newest article on working with Mortgage Brokers for tons of lead generation.

Click Here for my new article on Hubpages "Working with Mortgage Brokers"

Learn how to to present yourself as the solution for making money out of dead leads and putting dollars in their pockets and yours.

- Josh Cantwell

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