Go from Good to Great with Secret Sales Techniques

Each day I spend part of my time working with coaching clients on the phone. Regardless of the level of experience –– and we have some doing HUGE numbers every month –– the one glaring weakness everyone seems to have is sales technique.

Just this morning I was on with a couple of guys who despite being in a tough market, are gaining some traction. Yet week after week, they’ve been meeting with one MAJOR obstacle to getting their business churning out deals they way they know it can –– real estate agents.

Can any of you relate? I think that we all can, and when I think back to those first few presentations I gave several years ago, I remember having the butterflies in my stomach and feeling tongue tied like a schoolboy when being asked a simple question that I should be able to hit out of the park.

Familiarity and time bring confidence, so what do you do if you are just starting out? And for those of you that are experienced, how can you tweak the message you convey about your business so that you can be even more effective?

Well, that’s what this next series of posts is going to be about. I’ll be sharing some strategies used by one of the best in the business, Dan Dooran, to help you overcome objections. But it’s not just about dealing with tough agents, I also want you to learn some basic sale strategies using language that can help you in any aspect of your day, be it in the office, the street, or at home with the family.

For the past several years, SREC has been the industry leader in content development and instruction. We’ve created proven real estate investing systems, and given you the parts so that you could adapt them to your own market.

The Sales Mastery program, that I’ve developed with Dan will introduce you guys to some of the soft skills you need to round out your business, and help get you to the next level.

See you tomorrow . . .

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