Greater Cleveland Real Estate VIP Networking Party

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For my Ohio Investor Friends... if you're an investor in Ohio, I've got big news for you.

I'm really excited to share this with you. But first let me ask you a question?

Are you a part of a local Northeast Ohio Real Estate Investment Club, Association or Meet Up?


Sad actually... considering ATTOM DATA SOLUTIONS said in the entire U.S., there was more profit** made by home flippers in the Greater Cleveland Market than any other market in the U.S. (**profit as a percentage of buy vs. sale price). Matter of fact, my expert interview was featured in the latest ATTOM "Housing News Report" newsletter from January 2017.

See the report and my interview here.

So according to ATTOM DATA SOLUTIONS, Real Estate Investors in Greater Cleveland are crushing it, but there's NO place for us to meet up, network, make new relationships, wholesale and flip properties, exchange contacts, get more leads, find new funding or learn new investing strategies?? Sounds crazy, right?


If you've been following me, or my company Strategic Real Estate Coach, for a while you probably you know that I've flipped over 713+ properties in 24 different states since 2004. I'm actively investing in NE OHIO every day and we train investors all around the nation - and have for the last decade.

Check out our story here. 

In fact - and I say this not to brag - but we're one of the most respected education companies in the real estate investing space NATIONWIDE. We've coached thousands of investors to make profitable and successful deals and go from part-time real estate "wannabe" to successful full time real estate investing entrepreneur.

I've hosted huge events across the country with business leaders such as Donald Trump Jr., and "Shark Tank" Stars - Daymond John , and most recently Kevin O'Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) ... and trained thousands of people on how to flip real estate for huge profits.

Josh & Donald Trump Jr. on stage in Vegas, February 2016

Josh & Kevin O'Leary (aka Mr. Wonderful) on stage in Dallas, October 2016

I'm passionate about actively investing right here in Northeast Ohio.

In addition, back in 2014 I started a Real Estate Private Equity Fund, raised tens of millions in private money and fund deals for clients, friends and students in 44 states. We provide private and hard money funding for investors through my real estate private equity fund, Freeland Ventures.

I call Cleveland home - and I Iove it here. Why do I tell you this? And why is it important to you and your success... ?? Right now, I see a big need for a strong community of investors right here in our local area. Not only is there a gap in the market for a network of local Ohio investors... (I'm told my dozens of investors our local REIA CLUBS SUCK... I do have to admit I haven't attended one since 2005... ) But as local investors we can play a huge part of the regrowth in our hometown... Greater Cleveland.

After investing both locally and with partners across the U.S. and training investors across the country, I'm finally turning some of my attention closer to home.


April 6th, my team and I are hosting the first (of what I hope to be many) Ohio Real Estate Group meet-ups.

Click here to register for free and join us for our first OREG meeting.

I'm gathering investors, contractors, realtors, real estate attorneys, title companies, credit repair, handymen, property managers... and anyone that has anything to do with real estate investing in the North East Ohio area to join me.

This is an EXCLUSIVE VIP REAL ESTATE NETWORKING PARTY and free investor meet up for us to talk shop and create strong relationships and joint ventures partnerships. My vision is a community of local investors supporting each other for greater success... and as a result... a stronger Ohio.

If you need deals, you'll find them here.

If you need funding, you'll find it here.

If you need contractors, you'll find them here.

If you need lenders, title companies, advice, funding, coaching, leads, deals, and ultimately, if you need time and financial freedom, you'll find it here.

Mark your calendar now, and reserve your seat. 

Date: April 6, 2017
Time: 6:00-9:00pm
Location: Crown Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Middleburg Heights, Ohio

To register, simply complete this interest form here. 

It's a quick 10-second registration to let us know to expect you. [This first Ohio Real Estate Group Networking Party and Investor Meet Up IS FREE and nothing will be for sale]

Success is about education, relationships - it's about showing up, it's about the right network, and it's about the right information. Our first meeting will be a small group... expecting about 100 people... it'll be a great chance to get to know the right people and build powerful relationships.

You'll want to be in this room. But you've got to reserve your spot.


6:00- 6:30pm        Networking and Cash Bar

6:30 - 7:00pm       Keynote #1: Josh Cantwell
"How to Invest in Real Estate Part Time"

7:00- 7:20pm         Keynote #2: Josh Cantwell
"Why Greater Cleveland is the #1 Investing Market in the U.S."

7:20 - 7:40pm        Introduction of Sponsors and "Must Know"

7:40 - 9:00pm       Networking and Cash Bar

9:00pm                   Meet Up ends


So you might ask yourself... if Josh is so successful, why is he even bothering to do this... ? Simple reason actually. I love investing in Greater Cleveland and I'd like to see it continue to re-gentrify. If you have a deal to wholesale, I'd like to buy it... if I can't, I'd like to see you find another investor at the OHIO REAL ESTATE GROUP VIP Networking Party. If you have a flip and need funding... I'd like to fund it for you through my Private Equity Fund. If you need resources and vendors and contractors... I know a bunch that I can introduce you to that can close your deals...

As we grow and prosper, Cleveland will grow and thrive.

Cleveland is us. We, the people, make up the city. When we succeed... Cleveland succeeds.

Lets do it together.

See you on April 6th. 

Be Daring,

P.S. Mark your calendar for the first Ohio Real Estate Group Networking party on April 6.

We have some amazing sponsors that have stepped up to support our group (below), and I'm inviting some big players in the Northeast Ohio area you'll want to know.

Agenda to follow... see you there.

Be Daring,


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