He Was Fired By His Mom (Almost)

John is a student of mine.

About a year ago John he lived a miserable existence.

He wasn’t new to short sale investing …closing 1 deal a month on a good month, with 16 in his pipeline. It was his fulltime gig, he was making some money… but it was work, work, work.

80 hour weeks became the norm, with very little to show for it. John was your classic example of working IN your business, not ON your business.

And he was doing everything… lead gen, answering the phone, negotiations, meeting with sellers, meeting with realtors…everything.

Struggling to keep afloat, John even seriously considered throwing in the towel, calling it quits and getting a “real job.”

With the stacking stress and worries, as you can imagine John became VERY unpleasant to be around.


His mom/business partner said, if you don’t do something to change, I’m going to fire you because I want my son back!


That’s when he knew he needed to do something dramatically different.

***Fast forward to today, one year later.***

John has reclaimed his life.

He works MUCH less … but he makes more than ever.

And with his new found leisure time he goes to the gym, travels to his Florida beachfront home every couple months and plays a lot of golf. (John loves golf, he’s even planning on taking lessons at the academy run by Tiger Woods’ old golf coach.)

He can do this because he created a system that lets him work just under 10 hours a week at most, take more vacations, and automate the rest of his short sale investing business.

Check out a brief video about it here.

It’s like an entire staff of fulltime employees dedicated to making you more and opening up your time to finally enjoy life.

John’s system is built around my training and it’s pure GENIUS.

ANY investor (new or veteran) can plug into his simple, proven system to get more business, make more income, do more deals, and spend less time working.

In one year John went from closing 1 deal a month (in a good month) with 16 deals in his pipeline at any given time... to 5 deals a month with 80 deals in his pipeline working *one-forth* of the time ON his business.

I’ve convinced John to share his system with my students and tell you all about it on a webinar this Thursday night at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific.

Believe me, you’re gonna to want to see what John’s created with your own two eyes.

Register for this call now.

Here’s what you can expect to hear from John on the call:

- Exactly how John turned his life and business around using his unique plug-and-play system for removing himself from the short sale deal while making more, doing less. Today John has 80 deals in his pipeline, closing 5 a month working less than 10 hours a week and taking more vacations than ever.

- There are some things you SHOULDN’T be doing in your business AT ALL… you’ll find out what those are tomorrow night, and how to outsource everything easily to HIGHLY TRAINED employees that work for pennies on the dollar.

- How John carefully detailed and cataloged every step of his business on video, and how you can use this as training to bring anyone in your business and get them to full speed in one day. Send these videos to realtors, brokers, assistants and everyone you work with and they’ll be experts at the task at hand in no time.

- Why you should never do an initial face to face meeting with sellers ever! And how you can build instant rapport and credibility with homeowners without ever meeting them in person.

- How to handle phone calls, talk to sellers, talk to agents, and get them on board as raving fans practically begging to work with you.

- And that’s just the TIP of the iceberg.

John has a lot more in store for you on tomorrow night’s call.

I highly suggest you register and find out about this amazing system, and how you can get access to it at no-cost! (Yep, because you’re a SREC subscriber we’ve got a HUGE surprise for you.)

I have to repeat myself, this system is PURE GENUIS. Frankly, I wish I thought of it myself.

Fortunately my student and friend John did, and he’s willing to share it with the SREC family!

Get on this call now, don’t miss out.

Register here.

Again, it’s this THURSDAY night (July 8) and starts promptly at 9pm Eastern/ 6pm Pacific.

We anticipate a HUGE response to what John has to say. Our webinar lines are limited and will be full so register now to claim your spot.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow night,


P.S. As you may or may not know, my good friend Greg Clement is re-releasing  SIMS 2.0 to the world. Last August when he released SIMS 1.0, Greg changed the way real estate investors do business. I should tell you that John regards the training he received as a SREC student, and what he learned in SIMS 1.0 as a major milestone in his investing career.

Get on tomorrow night’s call and John will tell you how he put all the pieces together.

Register now!

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