Here's what seasoned investors are saying about "The Dovetail Method"

Hey, I need to be short today because I'm working with John and Jerry to polish things up for Thursday's webinars.

Register for the 12pm EST/9am PST webinar here.

Register for the 9pm EST/6pm PST webinar here.

I thought the most powerful way for me to prove to you that you NEED to be on this call is to let others tell you about the impact DOVETAIL has had on them over the past 18 months.

"We had 3 closings in April and made over $45,000! We are on track to have 3 to 4 more closings in May and could make over $65,000 this month.  We have 85+ deals in the pipeline and have partnered with a couple of brokers in town and get all of their short sale leads now. We still have a lot of room to grow and we are in the process of hiring some more people, but our business is really booming. We started less than a year ago and I am now confident that we will get to 7 to 10 closings a month very soon!  Thanks for everything y'all do!" - Zach K., SC & VA

"I have been using (Land) trusts for a long time (9 years) to buy and resell real estate.  My process worked for a long time until about 1 year ago.  The title companies and title underwriters did not like land trusts anymore.  I started using just the option contract and that paperwork seemed as though things did not go smooth.  I switched to using John Grant's and Jerry Ballard's paperwork, the revocable living trust and things fell in place like magic.  Once you get the process down, things happen very easy.  In the years that I have been investing (10 years), John and Jerry's paperwork is the best to use. I do not know of a better way to buy and resell than using the program that John Grant and Jerry Ballard have put together.  The investment is priceless and I could not imagine using paperwork other than this.  This is awesome." -Tim P., IN

"I closed a Dovetail deal yesterday. It was with BOA (!) Just wanted to say issues with anything." -Sergio D., FL

Register for the 12pm EST/9am PST webinar here.

Register for the 9pm EST/6pm PST webinar here.

I'll tell John and Jerry you said "Hi"

Talk Thursday,


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