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My Buddy Kent Clothier is truly an innovator – in the way he invests and in the software he uses to do it. Kent has been a full-time real estate investor since 2003. We met about 8 or 9 years ago and since then, he has done over 2500 residential deals and he and his family have a full-time real estate investing enterprise. They have closed over 1500 properties in the past 3 years alone and over 600 deals just in 2014!

The things you will learn from Kent on this master class are simple and powerful marketing strategies that I use to acquire motivated seller leads in my business EVERY SINGLE day. Don’t let the big numbers fool you, just because we are flipping 10-15 properties at any one time, that doesn’t mean this won’t work for you. If you’re a newbie to real estate investing, you’ll be able to take these marketing concepts and use them to make money as soon as tomorrow.

What is a Motivated Seller?

Now let’s take a step back for a minute – what exactly is a motivated seller? Why do you want them? A motivated seller is a person who is willing to do at least one of the following:

  • Sell their property to you for a low price
  • Sell their property to you with very flexible terms

This may seem odd  – why would someone be willing to sell their property almost entirely on your terms? There are sellers out there like this who are willing to walk away from their properties with very little to show for it. These motivated sellers usually have a few characteristics such as:

  • They live out of state – they are disconnected and disengaged with the property for whatever reason and are looking to unload it
  • They are an absentee owner – if it’s an investment property they might be willing to sell to lighten their load
  • They have owned the property for 10 years or longer – when a property is owned free & clear, the owner has more equity to play with and more freedom to sell at a discounted rate
  • They have delinquent taxes – if the owner is financially at rock bottom and needs to sell the property or lose it, they will sell to you at a lower offer

Kent really takes a deep look at markets and what everyone else is doing – and then does something TOTALLY different to be successful! His systems and strategies will allow you to acquire more motivated seller leads than you ever thought possible.

You will learn a strategy from Kent that will help you systemize your franchise real estate prototype so you can run your business and do your deals the same way, every time. If you are serious about real estate or want to get serious, by signing up for this 60 minute master class, you will learn the system that will teach you how to acquire the best properties in your market and be ahead of any competition.

We have three times that our class will be running tomorrow, register NOW so you don’t miss out:

Motivated Seller Lists: Which Lists Provide the Most Motivated Seller Leads

If you still aren’t sure or feel a little intimidated, watch my video below and I’ll walk you through motivated seller lists and which ones provide the most leads:

Believe me, this is one free master class you do not want to miss. The market is hot right now and the competition is strong, this training will show you four things to put you ahead of the competition and keep you there for the rest of 2015. While all your competitors fight over ON MARKET inventory, you can keep busy with the profits these OFF MARKET properties will make you.

We will even introduce you to one of Kent’s many students, Cory. Cory started with NO previous real estate or sales experience and after 8 months, profited $130,000! This could be you next.

I know you’re busy and it’s hard to make time for anything outside of work and family, but trust me, set aside just one hour to join myself and Kent on Thursday and you will NOT be sorry.

Register here and I will see you on Thursday!

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