Hours Left to Join the Goldrush

The Goldrush Ends at 4:00pm EDT!

If you haven’t joined the Commercial Goldrush yet… the clock is ticking and you just have hours left!  

Click here now to see the Commercial Goldrush Offer and reserve your spot  before it’s gone forever. DC Fawcett and Karen Hanover, two of the leading commercial foreclosure experts, have put together a training system that will BLOW UP YOUR BUSINESS. You won’t believe the profit potential that is out there waiting in commercial real estate.

DC and Karen have cracked open their vault of secrets, but it’s not staying open forever.

Matter of fact the offer goes away at 4:00pm EDT!

If you’re one of the lucky ones to get “in the know,” you’re going to get an extra boost from SREC. As the leaders in the short sale industry, we’re going to be there to help you fill in any gaps and also provide training and guidance on your specific deals.

Check out the C&R Bonus Package you’ll receive.

As a sampling, you’ll get:

  1. SREC Commercial Short Sale Mastermind Calls – You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to join me and Jeff Watson on monthly mastermind conference calls where we discuss your commercial foreclosure deals, share ideas and address any problems or concerns you’re having in your commercial short sale business. These calls are an INVALAUBLE WAY TO SUCCEED.
  2. Ultimate Short Sale System – This is the core of our curriculum at Strategic Real Estate Coach. It is focused on doing deals, increasing closing frequency and maximizing profits per deal. You cannot even begin to conquer the Coming Commercial Real Estate Collapse without these bedrock principles.
  3. 4 Week C&R Funding Program – Watson’s Missing Link to the Commercial Foreclosure Goldrush. The biggest gap in the Commercial Foreclosure Goldrush is funding the deals. Jeff Watson has done millions in Commercial Real Estate and has a 4 week program on funding these deals.
  4. 2 tickets to our World Short Sale Main Event 3 Dec. 3rd -5th – Join me, America’s top short sale attorney - Jeff Watson, and our entire team of veteran investor-coaches for 3-days LIVE, where we’ll take you by the hand and navigate you through the rapid changing tides of short sale real estate including the new opportunities in the Commercial Foreclosure Collapse.

So join the Goldrush now… the only thing you have to lose is profits!

P.S. Get the information from DC and Karen, and let my team fill in the blanks and give you the follow-up training and guidance you need to kick your profits through the roof!

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