House Flipping Walkthrough – Real Estate Investing Made Easy #17

When it comes to house flipping and real estate investing Josh is able to walk through a place and size it up quickly and easily. Watch Josh go into a house sight unseen and see what he has to do to flip the property for a profit:

Josh’s brother bought a house to flip and now it’s time for Josh to go in and see what he has to work with. Within 30 seconds of entering the property Josh see’s what he has to work with and keenly sees the traditional hardwood floors underneath.

As he goes through the home Josh is able to pick out what pieces can stay and what can go while at the same time touching on the costs. He even touches on some of the properties more common features.

Once Josh goes upstairs the house really begins to show its strengths in the bedrooms. We find that we have bought a solid and well build house to flip with strong hardwood floors throughout give a strong selling feature for the home.

There’s also a bathroom in the house with an interesting view.

Do you think Josh is on the money with his budget for this house? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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