Housing Market Ready to Rebound?

“I saw this video the other day and it just proves to me that politicians are not the answer to finding a solution to the housing market troubles.”

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“Here are some recent stats that prove the housing market will continue to drop in prices:”

“#1 Increase in home sales of 7.6% - this stat just tracks number of units selling NOT home prices. The number of units selling is good but this stat is reflective of the Large Number of REO’s being unloaded by banks

#2 There were almost 360,000 new home foreclosure notices in July 2009. More than any month since January 2005.

#3 – Nationally 1 in 7 homeowners with a mortgage are currently in some state of default (that’s 13%)

#4 – All that really matters is your commitment to change, improvement, overcoming your fears, and anxieties and you can change your life today thru real estate. “

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