How to Find Your True North in Three Steps

There are so many people out there who think that they want a bigger life. They want more security, more freedom, and most of all, they want more money. But I’ve also seen so many entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level performers who reach bigger incomes, but who are still broke because they have broken relationships.

I’ve been through that in my own life where I was closing on bigger and bigger deals and it just didn’t feel great to me anymore. I just kept thinking, “There’s got to be something else.” If you just want to make money, you’ll probably get to the point where you’re making all of the money you’ve ever dreamed about, but it won’t be sustainable.

Conscious Millionaire founder JV Crum III and I had the same epiphany, but JV’s realization was while he was standing in his dream home looking at some palm trees. He was 25, a self-made millionaire, and he felt himself thinking, “There’s something wrong with this picture.” JV’s quest turned him inward while he searched for his true purpose in life.

Find Your Passion

JV describes passion like when you’re doing something that you love so much that you completely lose track of time. If you’ve ever started something and looked up at the clock and realized that three hours have passed, then that might give you a hint towards what your passion is.

Your passion could be that when you finish the activity, you’re still so excited about it that there’s energy sparking off of you. People around you comment on your happiness or the way you just look so different.

Or your passion could be something that you love doing so much that you’d be willing to do it for free. Maybe you love helping coach kids, teaching personal finance to high schoolers, or even providing relief supplies after a natural disaster. When you’re willing to do something even if there’s no pay or recognition involved, that could be another clue as to where your passion lies.

If you can’t find your passion, then getting up in the morning every day to just make more money is going to become depressing for you. You’re going to lose direction and your life will not feel meaningful to you. All the fulfillment you have in your life will come from making a difference in other people’s lives, insists JV.

Find Your Purpose

The idea that you’ll just “know” when you’ve found your purpose can be so unhelpful, so JV describes purpose a little differently. He says to instead think of purpose like a gold coin. On one side is the word “purpose”, and on the other side is the reason that you want to make a difference in the world.

Purpose isn’t about you; it’s about the difference you want to make for something or someone other than yourself.

This requires some thought on your part. JV suggests you take some time out to journal your thoughts. Ask yourself, what would I want to do even if I didn’t make a nickel off of it? Find your niche that you care about, like nature, animals, kids, or even entrepreneurs.

This can’t be fake. You can’t say, “I just want to help people sell their properties.” People can see through that fakeness. You’re going to have to dig deeper and find out what makes you feel good and feeds your energy.

And feeling good, that’s not the shallow feeling good you have when you eat a really great steak. You’re looking for that true joy you feel deep down when you change someone else’s life. It’s probably one of the purest human emotions, and it really separates what you do for a living from what you do because of your passion.

Find Your Partner

Once you’ve found your purpose and passion, do you know what the bonus part to finding your true north is? It’s partnering with someone who will complement you and take your business to the next level. But how do you find that partner?

JV suggests that you look for someone who is in the same market for the same reason as you. If you love entrepreneurs and working with them, your partner should too. Your partner should have the same core values as you. For JV, that means his partner values honesty, integrity, and personal growth.

If you’re going to have a business partner, JV says you should look for one who has the same culture in mind as you do. I know that looking for people who fit your same cultures might alienate other people, but don’t worry about that. Attracting people who align with you will help drive your business.

And yet, your partner doesn’t need to have the exact same skills that you have. In fact, it’s better if your partner isn’t exactly like you. As long as your core values and passions line up, finding a partner will take your business to a whole new level. You can work together to make a bigger impact on the world.

Make an Impact On the World

I think there’s so many of us that think, "If I’m just buying real estate, then how can I have an impact?" Sometimes the day job may not be where you make an impact, but it creates the assets to fund your passion project. Your work becomes the vehicle to build homes for the homeless, or start sports camps for kids, or whatever it is that gives you energy every day.

True fulfillment doesn’t come from your money in the bank, or the 12 Lamborghinis in the garage. True fulfillment is connecting with yourself at a deep level, and then connecting with something bigger than you that you can devote your life to.

This blueprint is an amazing way for you to find your passion, find your purpose, find your partner, and then make an impact on the world. 

Be daring,

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