"I CAN" is 100 Times More Important Than IQ

Last night Jeff Watson dazzled again with his latest updates on the Option Contract, Short Sale Flipping, The Newest Version of the HAFA Program (I still think its hilarious they call it “HALFA,” like HALF a short sale, which is about how good the program really is), and handled a ton of Q&A.

Jeff is the Master.  He’s a Jedi. Like Yoda.

He’s all-knowing and everyone I know, including me, turns to him for legal advice on real estate.

Here are some of the questions Jeff received last night ……

C. Burns: “Does Josh’s program allow me to get answers by calling in?”

M. Lipovich: “Any suggestion on how we get paid with Equator?”

M. McKinney: “If you end up going A to C, how can you collect a lien release fee?”

T. Belk: “Can you give a plus and minus summary between the Option Contract, Living Trust and P&S agreement?”


Jeff, of course, had answers for all these questions.

I’m actually shocked at how much Jeff gives away for free, considering he regularly gets paid $500 an hour for this time.

Jeff also opened up the doors for 30 minutes to “BUSINESS MASTERY” last night. So you ask “what is ‘Business Mastery?’” Good question, my friend.

Well first let me tell you what Business Mastery is NOT. It’s not another Home Study Course.  It’s not another “Done For You” program that’s really not done for you.

“Business Mastery” is an intense, 26-week “GROWTH” program. The individuals who have gone through Business Mastery typically achieve massive amounts of GROWTH and ACHIEVEMENT over a VERY SHORT PERIOD in their real estate business.

Many of them quit their jobs, earn high 6 figures, do more deals in 6 months than the previous 6 years and ultimately have their dream lifestyle.  Sounds good, right?


Here’s a quote from one of our Business Mastery clients:

“Hi Josh, I want to let you know that I put in my two weeks notice and I am quitting my job forever. Thanks to you and “Business Mastery,” the real estate business is giving me the lifestyle I have always wanted. In two weeks I’ll be FREE FOREVER.”- Sabrina Kizzie NY, NY.


This Thursday I will be doing another Webinar training.

Register here for this Webinar now!

I will be sharing with you some of my best “GROWTH” strategies.

Here’s just a few I will be covering:

  1. The Top 7 Challenges OTHER investors face, and why they will never succeed.
  2. Why, after years and years of trying real estate, most are doomed to fail and what you can do about it.
  3. Why the simply idea of “getting timely answers” from an expert can make or break your next $30,000 deal, and how to get “timely answers” every time from SREC.
  4. Why most people never give themselves the PERMISSION TO SUCCEED, why their success mindset is all jacked up and how to fix it.
  5. How I’ve made millions with other people’s ideas through mastermind, and why it’s the second most important piece of the success puzzle.
  6. “ACER” – Absolute Clarity of the End Result. I’ll personally take you through this “growth” exercise I typically reserve for my “Business Mastery” clients.
  7. How to build a winning strategy from the start so you have confidence you will succeed in the end.
  8. Why Tiger Woods needs a relationship coach. Huh?
  9. Why taking massive action and “doing it imperfectly” are the reasons people go from start-up to millions in under one year.
  10. How to buy the car and house of your dreams in the next 26 weeks.
  11. How “Business Mastery” has changed the lives of hundreds of real estate investors, and how it will change yours too.
  12. How to repeat the process of cashing $25,000 checks every month for the rest of your life.
  13. Plus I’ll be explaining exactly how the business mastery program will virtually guarantee your success, and how you can get involved.

So register now to set yourself apart.

We have about 9 spots available in “Business Mastery.”  We had 6 people apply last night even though Jeff hardly talked about it.

A few lucky people got a head start. They won’t all get in. We only take the best.  If you missed out I will be opening up the program again this Thursday after I go through these “business growth strategies.”

Register now.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


P.S. Some of this information you will never hear again. I keep it reserved for my Business Mastery clients and students. Don’t miss out.

Register now.

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