I Just Fired All My Realtors… BAM!

Remember back in April when I released a new marketing course called Mega Media Marketing? It was all my best strategies for advertising your real estate company on TV. It showed you how to generate boat loads of new seller and buyer leads thru short, 15-second and 30-second TV commercials.

Well, can I ask you a quick favor…….? O.K., good. I want to get your feedback on something.

One of my coaches – Mike Kleinstub – also markets his company on TV and has built his pipeline to over 130 short sales since October, and is using TV as his primary lead generation source. He’s also generated wholesale deals, note buys, rehabs and private lenders from his TV spots.

I created a video about TV marketing. In the video, I show you some of the “done-for-you” TV advertising that Mike, Derek and I are thinking about offering you. I want to get your feedback to see, if we could virtually guarantee you leads from “done-for-you” commercials, would you advertise on TV, and what you would like us to include in the program?

Watch it here and then please leave me a comment on your thoughts.



P.S. Below is a portion of an email I sent back in April to you about this TV marketing machine:

Here’s why TV lead generation kicks butt:

  1. It drives more seller and buyer leads than any other lead generation strategy I have ever tried. – Enough said.
  2. It drives leads all day and night – it works while you sleep.
  3. No baggage - you don’t have to work through an agent bringing in the leads or bother with them calling you all day and night for updates.
  4. You’re in control - you control the situation. You have the relationship directly with the seller. This means that you are in charge through the entire process.
  5. It drives all types of leads – Equity, No Equity, FSBO, Pre-foreclosure, Sellers, Buyers. You name it.
  6. You capture leads online and offline easily through squeeze page websites and call centers.
  7. I have done all the work for you already. – watch the video and I’ll explain.

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