I Just Got FIRED... Awesome!

We hear about it in the news almost every day… unemployment rates remain high, people are losing their jobs. For the most part, these are the two most dreaded words someone out in the workforce could hear: You’re Fired!

BUT, for my investors, those words are music to their ears!

Don’t believe me? Well, read this email I just got from Mike Kleinstub from Lubbock, TX, one of our Master’s Elite students and SREC Coach:

OK... I may STOP coming to SREC events… I came home from Las Vegas and got fired by myself after a session with Chris Consol (another SREC Coach). I lost my job as my property manager...

NOW, I go to Dallas and I get home after listening to Cantwell.... and I got fired again. This time I lost my office staff position.

Can't wait to go to the year-end event… to see what I get fired from next!

Mike wasn’t the only one who got fired during the Foreclosure Academy. While there I was talking to another one of our longtime coaching students who runs a successful investing business with her father. She was telling me how she spends too much time on the administrative end of things, and doesn’t have enough time to do what she really loves in the business – the marketing and BPOs. So, I took out my cell phone – right there at the table – called her father and told him, “I just fired Beth.” I explained that she is to no longer spend her valuable time on the administrative end of things, when her talents and strengths lie in marketing and BPOs. Beth was THRILLED!

Why were these two so happy to be fired? Because it gives them permission to focus on the things they do best – the things that bring in leads and profits. It gives them an opportunity to get out from under time consuming work that is not profitable.

As someone who runs their own investing business, you invariably have to wear many hats. Maybe when you’re just starting out you have no choice but to do it all yourself. But you quickly find out that there are definitely things that you enjoy or are better at, things that will bring in money, and things that just suck up your time and don’t add anything to the bottom line.

It’s important to identify those tasks and put them into different buckets, and work towards being in the position to focus on the things you like the most, and the things that bring in money. Outsource the rest. Soon you’ll learn that you can start hiring out the time-consuming tasks, or the things that aren’t your strengths. When you reach that point, it’s time to look in the mirror and say, “You’re Fired.”

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