I Lost Big Bucks On This!

Dang it.

My pockets are lighter today thanks to a friendly round of golf.

Yesterday I teed off with my friend, local real estate investor, SREC-follower and coach, Matt Rd. Matt specializes in lease option deals, and because of this expertise, he helps teach and train my Sharp Concepts Realty agents everything they need to know about rent-to-own properties – including how to rent and flip them.

Matt and I made a friendly wager on our game, and I’m sad to say I came up short. So, I had to open my wallet and pay up… $2.

BUT, what came out of our game of golf was so worth the cost. We spent the whole round brainstorming. We’re working on incredible upgrades to our lease option training, including Instant Cash Infusion and the Accelerated Investor Pro training program. We focused on ways to deliver cool, unique content while working our way to the greens.

So stay tuned for the results of our brainstorming and training course improvements and you’ll soon be on your way to being a lease option expert.

Here’s proof that I paid my debt. Thanks for a great round, Matt!

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