ICI makes 34k for Peter....you will do it too

Let me introduce PETER from P.A.

Peter has been going thru the ICI Coaching program and just simply doing the little steps it tells him to do. He's sucking it all up and then just following the steps "ICI" gives him.

He's closed his first ICI deal and pocketed $34,500 from his first "ICI" deal with no banks involved.

He's got "a convertible option" on a house at $116,000 and a buyer locked up for $160,000.

There's an income tax lien for 6k so after closing costs he netted $34,500. The house is actually worth $265,000. He used the "option assignment" strategy and exact paperwork I teach in ICI to make an instant cash infusion. He also left some "meat on the bone" for his investor.

YOU can do what Peter did too and achieve your goals like Peter did. .

I explain how to do what Peter does right here.

Click this link to see what I mean......


P.S. Investors are really jacked about ICI and have been sending in tons of questions and comments. I answered the most common questions for you.

Check out the answers here : www.instantcashinfusion.com/faqs

If you want to do what Peter does start here.

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