Identify, Agitate, Solve

A Formula used commonly by skilled real estate entrepreneurs is “Identify, Agitate, and Solve.” This formula is a key instrument in obtaining a sale. The idea is to target emotions because over three quarters of all decisions people make are based on emotion, whether we admit it or not.

First you identify the client’s main issue. Then you agitate it, to reveal the underlying pain. It might seem unkind and malicious, but it’s frequently the only way to urge people to take that first major step towards whatever change it is that they ultimately want. You see, many times people may be in shock from the major incident that stipulated the decision to sell. Like adultery or divorce, losing a job, or the death of a spouse. Some owners may be overcome with embarrassment because of foreclosure. Other times people are hesitant because of the fear of leaving their comfort zone, their friends, their family, and everything they have always known to follow a dream or achieve a better career opportunity in another place. Agitation will bring out the underlying problem, free the person from their stuck emotional stake, and help them make a decision towards a better future.

After identifying and agitating their problem (their core reasons for selling), you find a solution (Inevitably, the solution is to sell their house. You just have to convince them to sell it to you). When you’re explaining what you can do to help them solve their problem, don’t throw in features. This is all about targeting emotion, remember? They don’t want to hear about features. Explain how much better their lives will be once all the stress of selling is off their shoulders and they can start fresh. Then mention that you can close the deal at once with the approval letter.

Identifying, agitating, and solving by using statements that target the client’s individual emotional gain has a powerful effect. This sole technique will successfully increase your ability to close sales.

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