If you knew you couldn't fail what could you accomplish??


If you knew you couldn't fail what could you accomplish??
- Tony Robbins

I have a simple but very important question for you?
Do you have a mentor or coach?
Most don't...and it's unfortunate considering how important
it is. Read on.

When we are young, small and growing we look up to
adults, parents, older siblings, sports icons perhaps.
They are our idols and we'll do whatever they do
because we think they are successful and we want to
be just like them. Then we hit adult age and get
in the job market. And *poof*, those mentors disappear.

I am lucky to have several people I look up to. My dad
is #1. My mom, my older brothers and several other
mentors, coaches, marketers and business people
who I have learned from again and again. These are
the people that I Iook up to today and seek out for
advice. I know I don't know everything - not even
close - so I try to learn from them.

I just got back from a marketing mastermind group in
Austin, Texas with a bunch of bad - as in good - real
good - internet marketers.

Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher's mastermind group. They
call it the "War Room" because they have this special
part of their office where they sit back and think
about their companies. They come up with ideas and
strategies to help improve their business back in that
room. I have a "war room" too. It's the one office
space I go to just to think about my businesses and
how I can improve them. I write down my ideas on
these giant white boards.

Do you have a "War Room?"

I signed up for their "War Room Mastermind" back in
August at a clip of $22,000 a year - Yep you read that
right - $22,000. To be honest I have already gotten over
$22,000 worth of ideas back from one simple meeting. I
actually even missed the first day because I was stuck
in a Chicago airport.

You see I believe that the only way for you and I to
change and improve our lives and our businesses is to
add new ideas into our brains. You can't get rid of the
old stuff in our brains. You can only add new stuff.
Learning new concepts and new strategies and meeting new
people are the only ways we will be different a year from

You see I truly believe this one profound idea.

"One year from now the only difference or change we'll
have in our lives will be the people we meet and the new
education we receive."


With that in mind I wanted to get you some cool training
videos to help you advance your education.

Check them below. Plus there will be a bunch more to come
over the next couple weeks.

Property Flipping: legal or illegal?

The Real Purpose of the Option Contract

Jacked Up: Disinformation on the Option Contract


That's just a few to get you started. In order to
change your life you must change your mindset. You do that
through new education, new books, by stuffing your mind
with new ideas and by meeting new people.


It's actually 60 degrees in Cleveland today - Yippie!!!
I'm out of here early today to go play with my kids.


P.S. - Two of my mentorship students just made 115k+ in the
past two months. They wanted to share their experience in
the short sale business. They told me about their massive
success at a small high level group coaching event I
hosted about 4 weeks ago. Some of our most successful
students were there sharing their best ideas.


P.P.S - You can search YOU TUBE for other cool SREC
training videos from Jeff Watson and me. Just search
"SREC", "Josh Cantwell" or "Jeff Watson"

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