Is it better to borrow a house or to borrow the money to buy a house?

Hi Everyone,

I’m down here in Florida for the big event, and my head is swimming with excitement. I’m stoked to be here.

But I wanted to take a brief minute out to share some deep thoughts.  Yes... the question in the headline relates to whether it’s better to buy or rent.

You all know by now that the percentage of home ownership has fallen.  But you might be surprised at the reason.

Simply put... Americans are questioning if real estate really is a good investment.

We know that it is, but this is why what we do is so important. In buying properties well below market value, and selling below market value, we’re making sure that those individuals who buy our houses won’t get stuck if prices drop further (and in many parts of the U.S. they will).

There’s no one out there doing this.  Not the government, and certainly not Realtors. It’s just us... and it’s a big reason as to why I am so passionate about the work with do.

So back to the question above.  Who has an answer?

Check out this article on for a quick snapshot on what’s going on in the rental market.


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