I’ve Stood in the Sunshine and I’ve Weathered the Storm!

So it’s late Thursday night and I just put the girls to bed. I spent the second half of the day golfing in the rain with one of my best friends Bart. Good times. Now I’m chilling in my basement office listening to my favorite music. It’s a CD called “Long Way Home” by Sean Gorius.  If you’ve never heard it before or don’t know him yet I promise you will soon.

It’s been a crazy week for me. My little baby Alessandra turned 1 this week, and I can hardly believe it. She’s says “bugum bugum bugum” all the time. Not sure what that means but it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes I said cute.

I feel like it was just yesterday that Lisa and I brought Alessandra home from the hospital! My girls and my wife have been my biggest blessing to me. They have given me the opportunity to really examine my life and get real clear about what’s important. Every day they remind me of how important it is to chase after my dreams NOW and take command of my own destiny and the future of our family.

So I am reminded every morning when they wake up just how important every day is. This week I was also reminded that time waits for NO ONE thru two other personal experiences I’ll keep to myself for now. I’ll tell you later when the time is right.

So I’m thinking about you right now and I want to remind you that time waits for no one. Now is the time to chase your dreams. Not tomorrow. TODAY! I see it my kid’s eyes every morning I wake up.

I’m writing you tonight to tell you a story about someone else I know who is chasing their dreams that you should get to know. It’s a story about another buddy of mine from grade school who is chasing his dreams right NOW. Not tomorrow. Today!

My good friend Sean Gorius, the fella I mentioned earlier, is chasing his dream of becoming a professional musician. Now I have to tell you, he never picked up a guitar until 5 years ago. Now he’s one of the best guitar players I have ever heard.

My favorite line of his entire CD is from song #4 “Things I Need”.

It goes like this: “Well I’m not young, but I ain’t old. I’ve stood in the sunshine and I’ve weathered the storm. I’ve watched the days, the months, the years go by. My face has changed but I’m the same on the inside.”

You see everyone stands in the sunshine at sometime in their lives. Question is this. When the storm comes will you weather the storm? Can you stand firm? Stand up straight. Push back. Will you stand up for things you believe in?  Will you pursue your dreams regardless of what’s in your way?

Sean signs about his life experiences in his music. How he weathered his storm. How he pushed back. I think you’ll get the message when you listen to his music.

His music reminds me of John Mayer, Jimmy Buffet and Jack Johnson rolled into one.


In fact, Friday night is The Official Release Party for his first CD, “LONG WAY HOME” that I am listening to right now as I write you.

So if you’re in the Lake Norman/ Charlotte, NC area Friday night, stop by The Galway Hooker Pub around 9pm to hear Sean play LIVE in person. This is the stop that launched Sean’s music career and he’s giving away some free CD’s!

This is my favorite music right now. Partly because he’s my friend, partly because he sings about when we were younger and our hometown, partly because its seriously good music, mostly because I see him chasing his dreams in his music.

I talked to Sean yesterday and I convinced him to give you some of his music for free on my blog.

Download a couple his best tunes free. These 4 songs are my 4 favorite. To download these great songs, please right click and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”:

Plus there’s more there about Sean’s story and how you can get your hands on his CD thru his MySpace page.


Warning: Sean’s music is best heard with a cold beverage in hand, friends by your side or near a warm late night fire. Also, it will make you think about what’s important in your life. You may do some soul searching while you listen to it.


-  Josh

P.S. Here’s Sean’s story – in his own words he emailed me earlier this week.

I currently live north of Charlotte, North Carolina in a town called Huntersville.  Huntersville is near Lake Norman, a massive lake where people that work hard can get lost on the water for the weekend and rejuvenate.  I enjoy the laid back lake feel, the boating, the sun and the live music.

Sometimes you find your purpose early in life and sometimes you find it a little later in life.  But the most important thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter when you find your purpose, what matters is that when you do, do everything you can to stand right in the middle of it each and every day.

I started that process about 1 year ago by shaping my life around being able to write and play music for a living.

Step one was getting my first live gig in a bar.  I had a friend that was recently hired to help promote a new restaurant/bar in the area.  I said to him, why don’t you let me play my guitar and sing one weekend and we’ll see what kind of response we get.  A month later, I was sitting in that bar playing in front of about 100 people.  Since then, I have been playing 2 to 3 times a month at numerous venues around Charlotte — you have to be confident and believe in yourself.

Step two was record an album.  I took 11 songs that I wrote over a period of 2 years and recorded them at a local studio in Charlotte.  After the CD was complete, I reproduced it to sell at gigs and I took the steps to get the songs available digitally online through many of the available websites. — don’t think small scale, THINK BIG, if you don’t you will never know what is possible.

Step three is what I am currently doing.  I shake every hand, explore every contact and impress every person that I have the opportunity to impress and I am also not afraid to ask for help!  Believe me, I have been handing out my CD to everyone that will listen, mailing them around the US and Canada and asking people for their help. – be persistent, walk down every path and explore every direction.

Step four is to see yourself everyday right where you want to be!  I am excited about what will happen and can’t wait until I meet all the goals I have set for my self so I can set new ones.

I appreciate Josh’s vision, his work ethic, his intelligence and his determination to chase his passion from an early age.  To be honest, I have known him since we were 7 years old and as we grew I knew he was going to be successful no matter what direction he chose.  He knew what he wanted and created a plan to achieve it!  Thank you Josh!

I am asking this of all of you, listen to the songs Josh is including below.  If you identify with my songs and enjoy them then introduce me to everyone you know that will appreciate honest, happy music!


Sean Gorius

Artist - Sean Gorius

Album – Long Way Home

You can listen to 9 full songs on the My Space page below.


If you like the music you can join our Facebook page.

Facebook Fan Page: search – Sean Gorius and Matt Varnell

If you are interested in downloading any of the songs you can do it by clicking either of the websites below.



You can also find me on other digital download sites such as iTunes, Amazon and many more!

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