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•Immediate Access to SREC’s Interactive Student Centered Forum. Gain access to new daily ideas, tips, and investing techniques from fellow members and coaches who are closing deals and making money every day. There are new referral marketing, direct response marketing, negotiating, selling, wholesaling, rehabbing, internet marketing, land lording and other investing ideas shared daily. Join the Community NOW!

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The Short Sale Manifesto 1.0
This is our Flagship report that launched Strategic Real Estate Coach. This report of over 60+ pages of free, rock solid, short sale investing training materials. Find out how to increase your profits on each deal; how to obtain freedom from your JOB; how to average a 90% closing ratio with sellers; how to unlock the vault to loss mitigation; and how to avoid the pit falls that cause many investors to fail.

The Short Sale Manifesto 2.0
This follow up FREE Report was launched in the middle of the biggest economic free fall since the Great Depression. Right during the middle of the housing crisis SREC wrote this report to assure investors that there were still millions to be made in the real estate market despite the collapse. In this report learn why the Option Contract method is the only contract to use to close short sales the right way with full disclosure. The Short Sale Manifesto 2.0 also uncovers the top 9 mistakes new investors make. Likewise, this report details the fastest and easiest way to have massive success in short sales through the Realtor Renaissance. Last, you’ll learn how a short sale, foreclosure and bankruptcy affects a homeowners credit scores.

The Referral Renaissance Video and 40+ Page Report
Never spend another dime on marketing. Learn how to become the area expert and get massive amounts of referrals from “centers of influence” marketing. This marketing approach includes mortgage brokers, realtors, attorneys, and loan modification companies who can refer you their dead leads. These are leads that are going to your competition. Learn how to turn your competition into your biggest allies by turning their dead leads into your best deals and paying out thousands in referral fees and commissions to your referral sources.

Advanced Short Sale Negotiating and Mortgage Discounting Videos 1 & 2
Learn today’s most advanced techniques for negotiating huge short sale discounts with lenders across the U.S. Josh Cantwell interviews a management level loss mitigator from a national lender who has over 6,000 workouts under his belt. You’ll learn how to become an expert short sale negotiator even if you’ve never done a deal.

The HUD 1 (video)
Learn how to complete the HUD 1 like a pro as you leverage the HUD 1 to make an extra 3-7k per deal.

Navigating the Short Sale Jungle
Learn how to invest in short sales the right way every time by making the correct disclosures to all involved. Learn what to say and how to position yourself to the seller, seller’s lender, buyer, buyer’s lender, realtors and the title company. Also learn how overcome real estate agents objections concerning fiduciary responsibility to the seller and the seller’s lender.

Case Study Videos
These videos will walk you through entire deals from start to finish so you can see how it’s done.
Register now and you’ll gain immediate access to all these free training materials and the interactive forum. This will allow you to become a member of the most elite club of real estate investors in the country today. Find out how others have become so successful, how they quit their jobs, how they stopped living from paycheck to paycheck, and how they began living life on their own terms.
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Our Vision
As an industry leader, Strategic Real Estate Coach (SREC) provides the most advanced training in the short sale profession, both challenging and empowering students to go out to build the type of business they’ve always wanted. SREC’s Blog, Inside Information…All The Time!, is one of the most highly read and influential blogs in the world for the latest trends in and discussion about real estate investing.

Our Story
We understand that each individual brings different levels of experience and knowledge concerning real estate, and more specifically, short sales.
When we began, we didn’t have any experience. We didn’t have a roadmap of what to do, we just had two things: an overriding sense of confidence in our abilities and a commitment to learning everything we could about the short sale business.
We attended boot camps and we applied what we learned to our market –Cleveland, Ohio – a market known for severe job loss, high unemployment, and a ton of properties for sale. We tackled those issues in the short sale business that the “experts” failed to address. Before long, we were trailblazing new methods and achieving even more success. Soon, we were the ones teaching at the boot camps we once attended!
In a market where all of our early competition went out of business, we thrived.
We never imagined that we would one day be teaching thousands of people across the U.S. While we enjoy the big paydays we get from successfully completing transactions in our own real estate investment business, it doesn’t rival the success we feel when a coaching student closes their first deal, and has their pipeline filled with several more on the way.
At SREC, we are good at what we do because we really “do” what we teach. Each of us is an investor currently working on deals. The materials and training that we provide at SREC reflect our best practices. Just as important, the information we share is current and constantly being revised because of an ever-changing market.
You may be looking into short sales to bolster your real estate business, or to leave your job. Yes, you can make significant money in short sales, but short sales can also give you the freedom to design the life you want. Will it take a lot of work? You bet. Anything worthwhile in life takes discipline and effort.
That’s where SREC fits in.

Our Competitive Advantage
* SREC has coaching students all over the U.S. who are implementing SREC short sale strategies and building successful businesses. * SREC can feature student success through case studies from a broad range of markets. * SREC has established itself as a pioneer in cutting-edge short sale techniques, which means shorter learning curves and more success for SREC students. * SREC was the first company to implement and teach “the option contract” method as way to conduct back-to-back short sale transactions that are transparent and legal. * SREC created The Referral Renaissance: learn how to collaborate with centers of influence such as attorneys, appraisers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and others for the benefit of both and fill your pipelines with free leads! * SREC developed The Realtor Referral Program: a program that has made a dramatic impact on the businesses of investors and Realtors alike through joint work * Only SREC specializes in teaching The Property Launch Formula and The Green Light Selling System for selling houses quickly in ANY market: programs that SREC developed and uses in our investing businesses. * SREC is a leader in teaching how to harness the power of social media like Web 2.0 to supercharge your marketing and build your network. * SREC goes beyond teaching how to do a deal and teaches how to build a business in real estate.

Our Team

Strategic Real Estate Coach is led by Josh Cantwell. Josh is a full time real estate investor from Cleveland, Ohio who’s been involved in thousands of foreclosure, preforeclosure and short sale transactions over the past 5 years. Josh has been training and teaching apprentice partners since 2004. Josh has vast knowledge and experience in helping coaching clients, mentor students and apprentice partners from across the U.S. in finding, structuring, negotiating and closing short sale transactions for a profit.
Strategic Real Estate Coach has an incredible group of staff and trainers that have each been involved in buying, negotiating and selling short sales. In addition they are each involved in teaching and training mentor students. All of the SREC coaching staff are experienced investors themselves and continue to invest in real estate for their own account. Their personal successes add to the student experience and help students climb the learning curve faster than they otherwise would.

Jeff Watson Esq Partner and Legal Counsel

Chris Duane
Operations Manager

Ted Cowan Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Derek Walkush Head Coach

Jerry Kayser Personal Investing Coach

Jason Zak Personal Investing Coach

Wendy Thomas
Personal Investing Coach

Jerry Ballard
Personal Investing Coach

John Grant
Personal Investing Coach

Steve Hall
Personal Investing Coach

Chris Consol
Personal Investing Coach

Jim Walker
Personal Investing Coach

Tina Clow Coaching Coordinator and Event Planner

Rick Scheeser Internet and Video Marketing

Stephanie Nelson
Social Media Marketing and Membership Sites

Jim Masie
Graphic and Web Design

Shiela Arthur
Customer Service

Roberdo Flanders

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