Josh Cantwell Sneek Peak Newsletter

Check out this sneak peak into what Josh Cantwell sends his personal network each month by clicking the link below.

===> Millennium Newsletter March 2014

Here are some of the results this little newsletter has gotten for Josh Cantwell over the past 2 ½ years.


  1. He raised at least one million dollars to fund his deals without begging anyone for money.
  2. He sold at least 4 houses for about $120,000 in profits.
  3. It helped at least 5 people buy houses through his real estate brokerage ( or )
  4. He received 7 short sale listings that he passed along to his agents.
  5. Received a package of 16 listings of rental investment properties that we listed and sold for a single client.
  6. He has been approach by countless friends and friends of friends who have said something like “Dude, you have a hell of a real estate machine going on over there. I had no idea!” CREDIBILITY OUT THE WAZZOO!

And so he has a free gift for you today. You'll be able to see the actual source material he sends out. You can use this template to make your own newsletters and start advertising exactly what you can do to your own personal network. Here's that link again, straight from Josh Cantwell, to his current edition of the Millennium Newsletter.

===> Millennium Newsletter March 2014 

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