Keep doing the "Old stuff", wither and die!

Over the past several years the marketing game has changed. BIG TIME!

You've seen it right? "LIKE US ON FACEBOOK", "VISIT OUR WEBSITE", "GROUPON", "TWEET ME", "YOU TUBE CHANNELS", "MEET UP", "PPC", and on and on!

When I started in real estate I did none of this stuff. Mark Zuckerburg was still a high school senior. Facebook wasn't even a thought.

I did lots of OFFLINE MARKETING. Most of which doesn't work anymore!

I bought credit card sized ads in the yellow pages. Today Yellow Page ads are at HISTORIC LOWS and expected to drop another 50% in the next 5 years. Yellow page ads are EXPENSIVE and TEMPORARY.

I bought radio spots. Radio has declined 20% in the past year.

I did a 30 second TV spot. TV is down 10% and everything you see on TV is pointing the viewer online.

I was in the newspaper which still works BUT it's a gamble. Most ads also push readers to online websites.

I STOPPED doing these "shotgun" marketing strategies years ago and I became "laser" focused on the internet.

Today, you have a choice too.

Option 1: Keep doing the "Old stuff", wither and die!

Option 2: Get online and make a boatload of cash!......if you know what it takes to be successful online.

Where do I start?.... "you"'s way more simple than you think!

You start by registering for the INTERNET DOMINATION training I'm doing this Thursday.

Register for the 2pm call :

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On the call you will learn.....

*How to Get Started Online even if you think you don't have the time or technical Know-how.

*Simple-to-follow steps to generate mass traffic to your buyer and seller websites!

*How to automate everything so you can work less, make more and enjoy life!

*How to outsource "your entire online presence" and get "laser focused" keyword research, proper "lead capture" websites, automated follow up, raving fans and many many new loyal customers, clients, buyers and sellers.

More details tomorrow.

For now register for the call and then check out the videos I've been sending you over the past couple days.


P.S. The complimentary "traffic" videos are here.

Then register for the webinar.

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