Knowing These Tips Will Boost HUD Profits

Investing in HUD houses is a great way to put steady profits in your pocket very quickly. Whether you’re looking for the quick nickel or the slow dime, HUD homes can be purchased for pennies on the dollar (and in some cases, the change in your pockets), leaving a huge margin for profit. HUD homes are owned by the government; the former homeowners, who purchased the house through an FHA loan, defaulted on their mortgage, and the government took it back. Now they want it out of their inventory. Buying HUD homes is easy, if you know a few secret strategies.


Did you know:

  • HUD has a back-door bidding process.
  • HUD tells you how interested your buyers are in a house (what the public thinks of it) before you buy it.
  • HUD will take certain percentages off list price at certain times, making already ridiculously low prices even lower.
  • HUD works off case numbers, not property addresses.


Learn even more tips and read the full article here.

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