Legally swipe your competition's private lenders (video for ya)

Have you ever seen a real estate investor in
your town closing a bunch of deals...

... and you're sitting there wondering how they're
funding their deals?
Well, this video that I found last week
shows you how you can literally (and legally)
*spy* on your competitors to see who their private
lenders are (and hard money lenders too!)... and
he shows you how you can swipe those lenders so
they can become your own.
Check out the video... its 23 minutes... and I think
you'll enjoy it a ton 🙂  <<<
Oh, also...
... the video shows you how this also
works for finding ANY person who lends private
money in your local market pretty darn easily
(this source he shows in the video is free in most counties too 🙂
There's actually an example of a real world
private lender he found doing what the video talks
about that just lent $300k to another investor
a month ago.
This can change the game for some investors who
are needing more private lenders to help you close
your deals.
Check out the video and let me know what you think <<
See ya over there 🙂
PS - I think they may be taking the video down soon...
not sure when... but it'll definitely be soon.  So, head
on over and check 'er out now while its up for ya.

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