Let’s get real honest today, I’m requesting your feedback please

Our economy sucks right now for a lot of people. It’s unfortunate but times have gotten tough for some really close friends of mine.  Some friends are killing it but not everyone.

So here’s what I’m doing. I’m going to figure out all the current issues, challenges and problems that “REAL” real estate investors are facing right now.  I’m talking about people who are on the “streets” actually doing it.

So if you are a “real” real estate investor, you are active, done some deals and made money ,I need your help. If you are a “player” in the real estate game in your area or want to be, do me a favor and just tell me what your biggest challenges, hurdles, and obstacles are that you are facing right now.

Click this link www.topcashflowinvestor.com/blog and leave your comments.

Then Watson, my team and I will figure out as many solutions as we can and give them to you as soon as we can.

Here are some of the challenges I have faced or know others are facing as we speak:

Seller lead generation, buyer lead generation, negotiating with sellers and getting contracts, watch too much TV, cash flow, funding, you are bored, selling houses, title companies, negotiating, rentals, cash flow, you need more education, you need a kick in the a**, your job gets in the way, you have 8 kids like Kate and have no free time, cash flow, you buy every course from every webinar but have trouble implementing, seasoning, your websites suck and don’t drive in any leads, etc.

Be honest with me, I appreciate you,

Josh, Watson and the SREC team

Give us your honest feedback and then we’ll work together to get you all the solutions we can.


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