Life Lessons From Cancer

Today September 19th 2012 is the 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my PANCREATIC CANCER diagnosis.

One year ago today at around 9:27am I walked into my doctors office and got the worst news of my life.

My nightmare story was just beginning back then. BUT today it’s over….

and I am actually grateful for everything GOD has put me through.

I have a Complimentary Gift I want to give you today.

I just wanted to give you something that’s close to me and my family and tell you how grateful I am for you.

I truly appreciate you and respect your desire to improve your life through real estate.

Every day I wake up with a passion to help make your dreams a reality.


So yesterday, I was reflecting on the past year.  I have learned many valuable lessons from cancer.

“12 Life Changing Lessons” in fact.

So I sat down very “off the cuff” and recorded these lessons so my kids could see it one day when they get older.

After I was done I figured I’d give it to you too. Maybe these lessons will help you along your way.

When you are done watching the video above there’s a complimentary poster you should download on this page.

Pancreatic Cancer Poster (right click, save as)

If it inspires you, hang it up around your house or office and know I’m always thinking about you……Especially today.


God Bless,



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