Life Lessons Learned from Cancer


I’ll be starting up the “Life Lessons” webinar in a few hours.

Wanted to make sure you jumped on the call with me.

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On the Strategy Session webinar I will:

1)      Tell you a little more about my fight with pancreatic cancer and the life lessons I learned along the way that have radically changed my view of life and business.

2)      Show you how my 5 businesses were able to run without me while I was out with almost no “hiccups”.

3)      I will personally take lots of LIVE Questions from you about whatever you want to talk about.

4)      Tell you where I’m focusing my energy as a real estate investor in 2012.

5)       Show you how Internet Marketing is changing the way I run my real estate companies.

6)      And some other important and cool stuff….

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See you in a few hours


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