“Live Fire” BPO Webinar..LIVE AGAIN On Saturday!

So watcha doin? Getting ready for Labor Day weekend I bet. Me too. Before you settle in and party all weekend you need to set some time aside for increasing your knowledge and improving your loss mitigation skills.

Last night’s training webinar with my good friend and short sale negotiator Jedi Master, Dean Edelson, was outstanding. Hundreds of call attendees had the chance to hear Dean’s LIVE FIRE loss mitigation calls – and hear him in action. They heard him get a BPO ordered, find out a BPO value, and more LIVE – right on the call.

We had such an overwhelming response to that webinar that Dean agreed to take time out of his holiday weekend and DO IT AGAIN! Yep – right in the middle of his weekend. AND we are going to do the call LIVE again. I am not going to replay the Thursday training. We are going to teach you live all over again.

I just got off the phone with Dean and he’s going to add 10-12 new recorded loss mitigation calls to his training presentation for Saturday. So you don’t want to miss it as he overcomes objections, responds with confidence and gets approvals – ALL LIVE!  

So real quick Click here to register for the LIVE webinar on Saturday, Sept. 4 at 3pm Eastern. Noon Pacific

This is going to be the ultimate loss mitigation experience. You’ll learn how to be an expert short sale negotiator… from the best in the business.

*Get your deals approved FASTER.

*Create bigger profits.

*Blast through bank red tape.

*Use this training to then re-train your staff

 Go here now and see for yourself.

Have a great evening,


P.S. They don’t call Dean the Jedi Master for nothing… you are NOT going to BELIEVE what you hear!

Register now!

P.P.S. To make it extra special, Dean told me he’s going to play 4x as many Life Fire loss mitigation calls on Saturdays Live Training. That’s about a dozen loss mitigation calls he made in the last 30 days that you can learn from and implement immediately to get better results, lower prices and make more profits!

P.P.P.S. I’m going to give away three copies of my Ultimate Short Sale System on this call. You could be the lucky one this time. So jump on. 

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