“Live Fire” BPO’s done right over the phone!

Good morning!

I’m so excited about my webinar tonight – I’m starting the countdown. Once again I have information that will literally transform your business. Do you hate negotiating short sales? Is that why you avoid them like the plague? Or have others do it for you? Or delegate it? Or outsource it?

Then you need to join this webinar I’m hosting tonight at 8:30pm EDT.

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If you’re avoiding short sales because you’ve had a bad experience or because you heard they’re a pain in the neck, then this is for you. It all has to do with negotiating THE RIGHT WAY.

And no one knows how to do it better than my special guest and good buddy, Dean Edelson. Dean is a Jedi Master at negotiating with loss mitigators. He’s been negotiating short sales for 7 YEARS… that’s over 2000 loss mitigation calls!

I don’t throw the “Jedi Master” term around lightly; this guy really is the best. Remember my webinar last week with Jerami King? He shared his inside knowledge on specific banks and their procedures to approve deals. He explained the percentages the top banks are taking off their BPOs and off their payoff balances.

Tonight Dean and I are going to build on that information and focus on how to ACTUALLY negotiate and SPECIFICALLY what to say when you’re on the phone with a bank. Dean has actually recorded over 1600+ loss mitigation calls he’s done so he has a library of mp3 audio files with “live fire” recordings. 


You’ll hear several of these calls live. You’ll even hear how to do the BPO right over the phone from your home or office so you don’t have to drive to the properties and meet BPO agents.


What he will reveal to you is a GAME CHANGER.

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Get the *real* inside scoop on how to negotiate like the pros…

*Get your deals approved FASTER.

*Create bigger profits.

*Blast through bank red tape.

*Use this training to then re-train your staff

Go here now and see for yourself.



P.S. You’re gonna like this, I guarantee it. Wait, in fact, Dean guarantees it.

If you feel that your time on the call was wasted, he’ll give you your time back. Yep, you read that right. If you stick around for the entire call, but weren’t impressed with what you heard…

…He’ll give you a FREE 15 minute one-on-one PERSONAL short sale consultation. No questions asked.

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