Live Negotiation Training Today At 3 PM

I’m just heading out for my morning workout, but I had to stop in mid-warm up to send you a quick reminder. This afternoon at 3pm Eastern, Noon Pacific I’m jumping on an LIVE encore webinar with my good friend Dean Edelson. This is the only time that would work because my girls take a nap at 3pm almost every day.

On Thursday night Dean shared some amazing Live Fire loss mitigation calls, and spilled his secrets for winning at short sale negotiations. It was a huge success. So much so, that I asked him to do it again.

So, this afternoon Dean has agreed to take time out of his Labor Day weekend and do ANOTHER LIVE webinar. Not only that, he’s going to play 4x’s as many Live Fire loss mitigation calls – about a dozen – that he’s done in the last 30 days. So these are VERY recent, and incredible to listen to. You’ll quickly find out why he’s a Jedi Master.

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So just to be clear this won’t be a recorded replay of Thursdays call. This will be live. So even if you were on Thursday’s call you need to get on this one too. 

Dean’s going to show you how you can get your short sale deals approved FASTER and EASIER. Dean is one of the top short sale negotiators in the country.

Bigger spreads for investors, more commissions for agents, less hassles and faster closings.

He’s going to ‘drop a bomb’ and give you something you’ve never heard before.  Something you don’t want to miss. Negotiations are the make or break point in the short sale process. Learn it, understand it and use it and you’ll notice a difference right away.

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See you on the call,


P.S. I’m going to give away three copies of my Ultimate Short Sale System on this call to three lucky people just for attending.

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