Locus of Control

Successful people have something called "locus of control," that describes where and how people feel grounded. Locus of control refers to an individual's generalized expectations concerning where control over subsequent events resides. In other words, who or what is responsible for what happens? An individual, whose locus of control is external, sees the world through the eyes of someone reacting to circumstances that life imposes upon that person. They don't believe that they have much control over the outcome of their life. Conversely, an individual with an internal locus of control experiences the world as someone who has choices, no matter what life gives them. Can you guess which group all of our successful coaching clients come from? That's right, they all have a strong internal locus of control. They understand that life is theirs to create and live. They have a choice. They want to take control of the outcome and live on their own terms.

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