Lost Profits and Mike Tyson

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar:

1. You negotiated a great short sale discount. You can buy it for $221,500 and have it sold for $264,000. The “C” buyer is getting a conventional loan. The “C” lender says the seller must be the owner of record and hold the property for 30 days. There’s a $31,000 profit after closing costs. You need the $31,000 profit to pay your own bills, mortgage and credit cards. You need $221,500 to buy it. You can’t get the money. You miss out on the $31,000 profit and now you have no money for your own bills, your mortgage is late and your credit cards go unpaid. Click here to get the $221,500 Register Here.

2. You found 2 great REO rehab deals but only have money to fund one. You can buy them for $42,000 each, rehab them for $16,000 each and easily sell them for around $120,000 each. There’s at least $40k on the line for each house, even if you completely screw them up. The problem is you can’t do both because you only have money for one. You buy one and leave the other for another investor to scoop up and they take your $40,000. OUCH! This happened to me a few years ago; it was like getting punched in the stomach by Mike Tyson. It hurt BAD! Click here to get the money Register Here.

3. You can’t flip properties to FHA buyers because you must be the owner of record and FHA has a seasoning requirement. You have a great short sale with 35k profit, but you have no funds to buy it and then sell it. Click here to get the money Register Here.

4. Chase just came out with a new “TRI PARTY” flipping disclosure on their short sale approval letters. You can’t flip the property in the same day. You must hold it for a few days and then sell. You have a short sale with at least $22k profit and can’t close it back-to-back. You need money to fund it, but can’t find any. You lose out on $22,000. Click here to get the money Register Here.

5. You found a great REO property and a rehabber who wants to buy it from you. You want to assign it to them but the bank won’t allow it. You must take title to it and buy it for 3 days and then sell it. You need $77,000 to fund it and then sell it. There’s an $11,000 profit in it for you BUT only if you have $77,000 to fund it. You look everywhere and can’t find the $77,000. You lose the deal and the $11,000. Mike Tyson got you again. Click here to get the money Register Here.

6. You negotiate a great short sale BUT the 1st mortgage is with Bank of America. B of A's "Item #10" mandates that the buyer – YOU – must hold the property for 30 days. You call a transactional funder and they won’t do it. You’re stuck and lose out on tens of thousands of dollars. Click here to get the money Register Here.

Foreclosures, like REOs and short sales, are still the hottest things out there...But YOU are having trouble cashing in because you JUST DON’T HAVE ALL THE MONEY YOU NEED. No worries though. This Thursday I am doing a training class that will show you how to get all the money you need to fund all the profit-rich foreclosure deals you can get your hands on.

My Special Guest will be Jeff Watson – America’s Top Short Sale Lawyer. Jeff and I will show you how to get an unlimited amount of money to fund your deals. I have closed and funded over 360 properties in the past 5 years. Where did I get all the money for those deals? I’ll let you know on Thursday.

Listen, Jeff is an active lawyer who represents private lenders and real estate investors in court rooms and closings. He’s seen both sides of the closing. He knows what lenders want. He knows what investors need. Trust me, there is a boat load of money out there for your deals. On this training call we will show you…..

1. How to get all the money you need to fund you short sale, REO and wholesaling flips without having to pay 2-6 points per deal or partnering with anyone.

2. Everything you’ll need to locate, talk to and secure as many private lenders as you need for all your deals.

3. How to locate lenders who don’t care about your FICO score or how much “skin” you have in the game.

4. We will show you a step-by-step “done for you” presentation you can show to any private lender that will get them to commit to giving you the cash.

5. SEC lending issues and how to avoid the “grey area.”

6. How to have others shoving their IRA funds your way to finance your real estate deals.

7. The exact documents and simple forms to use to secure your lender’s money and keep it hands off for you.

8. Plus tons more….. You gotta hurry though.

This is the hottest topic right now. Having money to fund deals is by far the biggest hurdle for most investors, both new and seasoned. It’s not finding deals, it’s funding them. This class will fill up fast and you don’t want to miss out. Register Here.

The call is this Thursday, March 18:

9:00 pm Eastern Time

8:00 pm Central Time

7:00 pm Mountain Time

6:00 pm Pacific Time

See you Thursday


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