Make or Break Real Estate Script Tips11 most common objections investors face…

When I talk to new real estate investors (and even seasoned ones) the biggest fear they have in the business (and what’s holding them back the most) is talking to sellers.

The reason being is they just don’t know what to say when asked a question.

Today I released a NEW video answering the top 11 objections sellers will give you.

Watch it now…

If you’ve ever heard…

  1. …I’m already taken care of!
  2. …My house is worth more, I have equity
  3. …My attorney told me to file Bankruptcy!
  4. …I’ll just use a realtor to sell my house!
  5. …I want to stay in my house!  (refi, loan mod)
  6. …I am broke. I must have cash to move!
  7. …Isn’t this going to hurt my credit!
  8. …I don’t want to be responsible for anything! (deficency judgement)
  9. …Your offer is way to low!
  10. …Why do we have to use  all this weird paperwork? (contracts)
  11. …I’m just going give it to the bank! (deed in lieu)

This video has the answers

Watch it now…

Answer these most common objections with confidence and you’ll close more deals.

This training is  my gift to you, but you’ve got to get it now before I take it down for good.


Josh Cantwell

P.S. If you haven’t downloaded my two previous trainings you’re in luck. You’ll also be able to watch this NEW training video as well as download my 57-page special report and previous 54-minute training video.

Get it now…

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